Young Woman Was Gang-Raped, So Her Family Made Her “Clean”

Young Woman Was Gang-Raped, So Her Family Made Her “Clean”

A Syrian woman was gang raped and then fled to safety in Germany, only to be killed by her family in order to be made “clean” from the rape.

The woman was reportedly stabbed to death by her father and brothers after it was decided that she brought shame upon her family because she was raped. The 20-year-old, identified only as Rokstan M., said on her WhatsApp profile before she died that she was “awaiting” death.


Rokstan had just returned to her family a few days before she was murdered and buried in a shallow grave.

“Rokstan told me her terrible fate after she had helped me with translations,” author Mark Kruger, who hired Rokstan to help translate interviews for a book he was writing on refugees, told the Daily Mail.

In a tape made for Kruger, Rokstan explained the situation that prompted her to flee to Germany two years earlier.

“I was taken by three men. Ever since that time my family have regarded me as unclean,” she said. “My mother and my brothers mistreat me. They say that I deserve to die.”

“There is the suspicion that the act was carried out by persons in her close circle with a culture motive in the background,” local prosecutor Christian Preissner confirmed. The young woman’s father and brothers were wanted for questioning following the murder.

Kruger said that although the father and brothers were wanted for the murder, it was Rokstan’s mother who ordered her death – even attempting to hire at hit man at one point.

“I had nothing to do with her death,” the mother, Roda, reportedly said.

Many readers expressed outrage over the death and called for the woman’s family to be caught and punished.

“Total nut jobs. I hope they die a horrendous death as they are Evil beyond words. Just can’t get my head round this. RIP poor girl. Your family failed you and I hope you haunt them with everything you’ve got. You go girl,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“All so Disgusting! That poor girl…and all the rest living with those Barbarians! Sick way of thinking…and so hard to believe a father could kill his own flesh and blood! He thought more of himself…than his daughter! Disgraceful! Hope they rot in Hell!!” another wrote.

“The whole family should be held accountable but the cowards that they are they have fled. lets get one thing straight immigrants you come to this country you live by our rules and not yours.if you cant then stay the hell away. that is unacceptable.again the MALE population strikes again in that culture,” another added.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Glyn Lowe/Flickr, Daily Mail

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