Woman Slams Veteran In The Middle Of Restaurant. Here’s How He Responds (Video)

Woman Slams Veteran In The Middle Of Restaurant. Here’s How He Responds (Video)

A veteran was shocked by what a woman told him while in line at a fast food restaurant, but his powerful response has caused the video to go viral (video below).

Members of our military are typically given some benefits, such as small discounts at certain businesses, as a simple way to be thanked for their service, hard work, and sacrifices made for our country.

Woman Calls Veteran Entitled, Then He Shuts Her Down (Video)

Woman Calls Veteran Entitled, Then He Shuts Her Down (Video)

When one veteran asked if a fast food restaurant offered a military discount, he was shocked by what a woman behind him in line said. The entire incident was caught on film by a bystander and was shared on the SoFlo Facebook page.

After the veteran asks for a military discount, the woman behind him objects, telling him that he is acting entitled for asking for “special privileges.”

“Wow! That is so rude,” the woman says, to which the veteran replies, “What do you mean?” She responds, “All of you think you’re entitled because you’re in the military and you deserve all these special discounts.”

The veteran then delivers a powerful response to the woman. He says, “It’s not a privilege, it’s a discount. A privilege is getting to go home. To go home to your family every night. To go home in a free country. Because some people give up their privileges so that people like you can have them.”

The woman then says, “I don’t want to order anything anymore,” and leaves the restaurant, while another customer steps up and hands the veteran money to pay for his meal. However, as he tries to pay, the restaurant’s manager takes over and gives him his meal for free.

Viewers were shocked by how the woman treated the veteran and shared their thoughts on the Shared Facebook page.

“I would have stepped and paid for his meal… and looked at her and said.. ‘unlike you , you ungrateful human being. ninety nine percent of the AMERICA appreciates our soldiers and they deserve a discount. you’re a pathetic human being to speak to a soldier like this I would not have been as gracious to you as he was,'” one viewer commented. “I have a son in the military.. if I was with him, she would have her butt going towards the door with me right behind her ….”

“People like her ( and hopefully there aren’t many) they choose not to recognize the fact that they enjoy freedoms that men & women sacrifice their lives for,” another user commented. “So lady go live in a place where they do not have these freedoms. And yes they deserve every privilege due them. Not being with their families during holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and other family happenings. You lady should be ashamed of yourself.”

Watch the video below:

Sources: SoFlo/Facebook, Shared/Facebook / Photo Credit: Caleb Critchfield via Coast Guard All Hands

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