Woman Sees Shop’s ‘Racist’ Display, Runs Crying After Patriot Drops 2 Words

Woman Sees Shop’s ‘Racist’ Display, Runs Crying After Patriot Drops 2 Words

A Portland, Oregan, liquidation store came under fire after a woman uploaded video of two employees cursing at her and following her for complaining about Confederate flag rugs on display in the store (video below).

Heather Franklin can be seen in the clip explaining that spotted the rug in Everyday Deals Extreme while shopping with her child and a child she was babysitting. When she tries to confront employees about the rug, two men seemingly become defensive and one curses at her.

Oregon Woman Confronts Store Over Shocking Item (Video)

Oregon Woman Confronts Store Over Shocking Item (Video)

“Don’t care about having hate flags on your wall?” she asks an employee wearing a blue shirt.

“How’s that a hate symbol?” the man replies. “Read your history.”

As Franklin leaves the store, she films another employee – who immediately gives her the middle finger.

“Bye, b**ch,” the man says. “Get your kids out of here.”

The employee in the blue shirt then reappears to criticize the woman.

“Look at this liberal,” he says.

“Yeah look at this liberal whiny bitch here,” the other employee responds. “Hillary supporter? Bernie supporter?” he asks. “Which one did you vote for that lost. Is that why you’re in a bad mood?”

Later in the clip, the men can be seen allegedly following Franklin, prompting her to start crying out of fear that she was going to be physically attacked.

Everyday Deals CEO Andrew Toolson told the Oregonian that he was shocked by the behavior of his employees as well as Franklin’s video.

“I was sick to my stomach when I saw that video,” he said, adding that he considers his company to be “as far from a racist organization” as possible. The rugs, Toolson said, were sent by their supplier – who supplies inventory that is in “constant flux.”

“We’ve contacted the rug supplier and said please don’t send us those,” he said.

Toolson said that the two employees in the video handled the situation “very poorly” and that they were on indefinite leave.

“I just want everyone to know that’s not who we are and what represent here at all,” he said.

Some readers criticized Franklin for starting the confrontation over the Confederate flag in the first place.

“OMG lady, grow up why don’t you!! It’s obvious you don’t know anything about US history. The confederate flag is not sign of hatred. It actually was the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia. It was adopted by the Confederacy in their fight the secede from the Union. You just made me want to shop at that gentleman’s store, with your idiotic display,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Well you were behaving inappropriately. You saw the rugs and took it as your right to cause a confrontation. At no time did anyone threaten you. Stop the drama,” another added.

Sources: Oregonian, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Pixabay, Heather Franklin via Oregonian

One thought on “Woman Sees Shop’s ‘Racist’ Display, Runs Crying After Patriot Drops 2 Words

  1. That woman is a total idiot. The Confederate Flag is NOT a symbol of slavery, but a symbol of some southern states that wanted to ceceed from the United States of America and form the Confederate States of America. Slavery became an issue during Lincoln’s campaign for a second term. He couldn’t get enough votes without bringing slavery an issue. And this, dear idiot, comes from a Northern born and bread person who studied their HISTORY. I can’t believe that you made a fool of yourself in front of your daughter and her friend. Self righteous idiot. 😤

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