Woman Reunites With Parents Who Abused Her As A Child

Woman Reunites With Parents Who Abused Her As A Child

“My parents forced me to have sex with them,” says a woman who was filmed by her mother being sexually abused by her father when she was 13 years old.

20 years later, the victim comes face-to-face with her abusers – her parents – on network television.

Woman Reunites With Parents Who Abused Her As A Child

In 1996, Jim and Justine were convicted and sentenced to 20 years behind bars for sexually abusing their preteen daughter Amanda.

The couple drowned Amanda in alcohol and rewarded her with gifts for submitting.

“Justine would show me how good sex would feel by having sex in front of me with my father,” reveals Amanda.

“Afterwards, it was a normal night, dessert, brush my teeth and bedtime.

“It’s been 20 years since that nightmare ended, but it’s still hard to grasp the idea that they are out of prison.”

The victim, now in her 30s, came face-to-face with her mother on Dr. Phil, expressing how the abuse ruined her life, according to Daily Mail.

“How could you do those things to me – to participate even?” asked Amanda. “My innocence was stolen from me.”

In an emotional moment, Justine confessed, “I hate myself.”

Jim, the father, admitted to being the architect behind the abuse, but that the sex was “mechanical” and he didn’t feel guilt after the first time.

Dr. Phil asks Justine, “In what parallel universe does a mother watch her daughter performing a sex act on her husband and her father?”

Despite Justine filming the sexual abuse, she tries to pin the blame on her husband.

“Jim found out how much money could be made from child pornography,” she told Dr. Phil.

“If I could take it all back I would. I hate myself for what I did.”

However, Jim alleges that Justine is a liar. He is scheduled to appear on the daytime talk show on Nov. 17 to tell his side of the story.

Amanda says her father has not even apologized to her yet.

Sources: Daily Mail, DrPhil.com / Photo credit: Dr. Phil via Daily Mail

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