Woman Reports Refugee Gang Rape, What Authorities Find On Her Dress HORRIFIES Them

Woman Reports Refugee Gang Rape, What Authorities Find On Her Dress HORRIFIES Them

This Mother of two told police she was gang raped by a group of Muslims and when she did it was thought that it was a “typical sexual assault” case. However, once they inspected the woman and the dress she was wearing they were shocked by what they learned.
Woman Reports Refugee Gang Rape, What Authorities Find On Her Dress HORRIFIES Them

They realized they were not dealing with a typical sexual assault case, they were dealing with something far more dark and cruel. That’s saying something, obviously when sexual assault is already so heinous and awful.

The left claims that the only way anyone can expect to fight intolerance and oppression is with… wait for it, love.
Of course what this means to them is when the migrant they so tirelessly defend commits a horrific sex attack, they chastise the victim for provoking the attacking migrant.

If that doesn’t tick you off, I’m not sure what will. Tolerance my ass.
Now this poor victim is suffering through one of the most heinous cases of sexual abuse in the history of Sweden.

Fria Tider reports that after Swedish police discovered a gang-raped mother-of-two, investigators found 48 different stains of semen on her dress. In what is considered one of the country’s most shocking rape cases, authorities recovered sperm from at least 4 people in her digestive tract alone, and only 9 men have yet to be connected to the terrifying rape

In December of 2015, the woman was attacked in a refugee camp in Smaland by a group of asylum seekers, including 25-year-old Afghan migrant Rafi Bahaduri who was employed by the Swedish Migration Board, 10 News translates.

Despite having a prior conviction of rape and being the suspect in several other rape cases, Bahaduri was given a job as an interpreter by the migration board before taking part in the brutal attack. The left’s poster child of migrant assimilation stood up in court and announced that the traumatized victim is a “whore” who was asking to be raped.

“She is a whore. I knew this would happen. She wanted it,” Bahadri explained to the police when he was arrested.

The guy needs a swift kick to the you know what, because he asked for it too when he opened his mouth to speak such TRASH!

This poor woman was raped for hours in an asylum center apartment. It wasn’t until later when police found her in a pool of her own blood that the crime was brought to light. Her body endured such trauma that she was bound to a wheelchair for 4 weeks unable to care for herself.

A witness revealed that the asylum seekers expressed their desire to find “a girl to f***” and even laughed and applauded as they took turns carrying out vaginal, anal, and oral rape. The victim testified that she nearly died when the migrants blocked her airway during the oral rape. A year later, she claims that it still feels pain in her genitals and is afraid of men, especially migrants. As the trial commenced, the traumatized woman ran from the courtroom to vomit.

One of the rapist, Hedayat Rahmati was sentenced to deportation but that fell through and he has since been freed from jail and is back on the streets living it up on his welfare, that he gets so freely every month.

The most disgusting part about it?

“He [Rahmati] was the one who started the abuse. The first time it was common vaginal intercourse. Then they took turns raping her. Both vaginally and anally. They pressed it (penises) so deep down her throat that she had difficulty breathing,” reads the verdict.

Yet, he’s free.

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  1. Everyone of these monsters needs to be castrated!!!! Every rapist needs to be castrated!!!! OUR courts make me sick!!!!!!!

  2. how was he freed if be was scheduled for deportation? These are mosters that need to be put in jail with an open population and have the same done to them and then be deported.

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