Woman Lifts Up Lid In Bathroom, Notices Something Then Runs Off Screaming

Woman Lifts Up Lid In Bathroom, Notices Something Then Runs Off Screaming

The terrifying moment a snake came out of a toilet was caught on film (video below).

According to the Daily Mail, a video form Thailand shows animal rescue workers attempting to retrieve a snake from a toilet in somebody’s home.

Snake Removed From Toilet In Thailand (Video)

Snake Removed From Toilet In Thailand (Video)

The video opens with rescue workers opening the toilet lid with a long pole to reveal a large snake inside, which slithers further down into the toilet. The animal rescue workers try to lure the snake out using the pole, which has a rope loop at the end.

Eventually, the snake comes back to the surface and sticks its head out of the toilet, poking its tongue out. One rescuer carefully drops the rope loop over the snake’s head and tries to capture the reptile, as it flails and fights back.

The animal rescue workers then pull the snake out of the toilet together, revealing just how large it really is.

The terrifying clip quickly went viral, with hundreds of thousands of views and thousands of comments in under a month.

“OMG my worst nightmare in real life,” one viewer commented.

“Well, we can scratch Thailand off my vacation list!” another user wrote.

According to the video’s description on YouTube, the rat snake was released the day after being captured from the toilet.

The incident reportedly took place in the city of Khon Kaen, Thailand.

See the terrifying video below:

Sources: Daily Mail, YouTube / Photo Credit: Viral Hog via Daily Mail

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