White High School Girl BEAT By Black Lives Thugs For Supporting TRUMP (VIDEO)

White High School Girl BEAT By Black Lives Thugs For Supporting TRUMP (VIDEO)

Ya know, high school is a tough enough time with all of the peer pressure and the need to “fit in” as it is. One thing that doesn’t need to happen is to be assaulted because you like one political candidate over another. But that’s exactly what happened to one teenage girl who declared on social media that she hoped Donald Trump won the election.

White High School Girl BEAT By Black Lives Thugs For Supporting TRUMP (VIDEO)

On election night, Jade Armenio, a student at Woodside High School in California posted to her Instagram account that she hoped that Trump won. The results of the election hadn’t come in yet, and all of her friends were weighing in on social media with their thoughts. Armenio gave hers. And she paid for it the next day.

Black Lives thugs accused her of being a racist and they attacked her while she was at school.

Via ABC 7 News:

jade-armenio-crop_204x240One Peninsula high school student’s support of Donald Trump may have made her a target.

The Woodside High School student and her family are shocked something like this could happen. The girl said all of her friends were posting about the election last night, but her post got her beat up.

Cellphone video captured the moment a female student attacked sophomore Jade Armenio.

“This girl comes up to me and she said, ‘Do you hate Mexicans?’ and I was like, ‘no,’ and she said, ‘You support Trump. You hate Mexicans.’”

Armenio says the girl hit her, threw her to the ground, pulled out her earrings and hair. She was left with a bloody nose and scratches and bruises.

Before the results came in on election night, Armenio had posted on Instagram that she hoped Trump would win.

“I don’t think I could name one person on any of my accounts who didn’t say their opinion last night,” Armenio said.

Armenio’s parents say they’re mortified about what happened.

Watch cellphone video of the attack. The end of the video has the full attack without faces blurred.

If you’d like to contact the school and ask them why they aren’t protecting their students, you can contact them via…

School Office Phone: 650.367.9750
Facebook: Woodside High School

I live 2 hours way from the high school where Armenio was attacked. I’m sure I could rustle up a few hundred former Marines to go visit the school if its administrators are unable keep students safe.

The way things are going, it looks like we’re going to have to defend ourselves against Obama’s & Hillary’s thug criminals. I don’t think the left or BLM wants to see that happen considering there are tens of millions of us who quite well armed. Ya never know, though, maybe they’re itching for a fight. I’m down for a real-life “Purge Night.”

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