Walmart’s Reaction To People Offended By Display: Get Over It, We’re Not Apologizing (Photo)

Walmart’s Reaction To People Offended By Display: Get Over It, We’re Not Apologizing (Photo)

Customers at a North Las Vegas Walmart were enraged to find what they say is a racist and insensitive clothing display.

An employee at the Walmart store hung clothing from the ceiling, and many customers found the display to be disturbing.

A KTNV reporter took a picture of the display and showed it to people on the street, asking for their first impressions.

Walmart's Reaction To People Offended By Display Get Over It, We're Not Apologizing (Photo)

While some said the display looked like “mannequins of people hanging from the top of the roof” or “people hanging from the ceiling,” others saw something else.

One man described the display as “four black items hanging from the ceiling as if they were four black people,” KTNV reports.

According to Some News, a woman said it looked “a little like the Ku Klux Klan, black people hanging from the ceiling.”

Walmart reportedly took down the display, but nobody from the company has responded to the controversy or apologized, according to KTNV.


Do you think that the store’s display has any racist implications? See for yourself below.

Sources: KTNV, Some News / Photo Credit: Some News

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9 thoughts on “Walmart’s Reaction To People Offended By Display: Get Over It, We’re Not Apologizing (Photo)

  1. I see absolutely nothing “racist” in this display. I find it a little disturbing, looking like people hanging…but what the hell is “racist” about this??? I guess if you are a racist, that’s what you look for in EVERYTHING. I frequently wear black clothing – because it’s slimming. Does that make me a racist??? Good grief people. If we looked for the good in everything as hard as we look for the bad this world would be a much better place.

  2. Aman sister, that’s what’s wrong with people these days now they won’t to find something to get something started they need to find what wrong with them that’s the problem and my thang is why would u hang that up on the ceiling for beagin with? Dumasses!!

  3. yes thats what it looks like clothes hanging from the ceiling . which i have seen in other stores and there wasnt an uproar about it. grow up people. maybe if youpeople wouldnt keep harping on all the so called racism there wouldnt be as much killing as there is.

  4. Just looks like people hanging. NOT black or white. Just people. I don’t understand why people bring race into things. Way too many people yell racism without even realizing that they are the one being racist.

  5. The only people that see ANY racist implications here are in fact racist themselves. I am SOOOO tired of all these racist people getting so much air time on the news and pointing the finger at everyone else screaming it’s a black and white issue whem that really has nothing at all to do with it…..

    The people on TV complaining are the ones that seem to be working very hard to keep the past alive. This country as a whole had gotten past this type of mentality a long time ago. The truth is that it is almost never a white/blsck thing!!! It is just an excuse being used by racist people witb an agenda.

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