Viewers Notice Something Odd About Hillary Clinton’s Podium During Debate (Video)

Viewers Notice Something Odd About Hillary Clinton’s Podium During Debate (Video)

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton fueled speculation during the third presidential debate that she was using a small teleprompter on her podium (video below).

Some viewers said they noticed Clinton was looking down at her podium a number of times while she was speaking during the debate, leading them to believe she was reading off of a prompter. With a closer look from a side angle, a bright spot can be seen where the former secretary of state was looking down.

In a clip from the alleged first moment she used the prompter, Clinton appears to lose her place and glance down and to her right for help.


Some viewers said there was something suspicious about the way Clinton was glancing at something below her.

“Yes you could tell she was reading off of a teleprompter she kept looking down all the time and it wasn’t just at her notes. But then the last question she had no notes or teleprompter on that and you see how she looked up while she was talking,” one viewer wrote on Mad World News’ Facebook page.

“Noticed that during the debate that she kept looking down at her notes but seemed that she had the questions before hand with the right responses,” another wrote.

Others pointed out that both Clinton and Trump appeared to have help during the debate.

“You could see it at a few points throughout the debate,” a viewer wrote on YouTube. “There is also a brief back shot that shows both Hillary and Trumps podium at the same time. Although both podiums are clearly lit the same way Hillary still has this bright light same as the first debate.”

Sources: Mad World News, Mad World News/Facebook, YouTube / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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