Trump’s Doctor Makes Unexpected Revelation About Donald Trump’s Health

Trump’s Doctor Makes Unexpected Revelation About Donald Trump’s Health

Harold Bornstein, President Donald Trump’s physician, claims the billionaire takes hair growth medication. Trump takes small doses of finasteride, also known as Propecia, a drug commonly prescribed to treat male-pattern baldness. The doctor pronounced that Trump is healthy and his medical care is “as exactly up to date.”

Bornstein revealed the president takes various drugs for three conditions, including finasteride, the prostate-related medication that promotes hair growth, The New York Times reports. The doctor credits finasteride for helping to maintain his own shoulder-length hair.

Trump's Doctor Reveals The President's Hair Secret

Trump’s Doctor Reveals The President’s Hair Secret

“He has all his hair,” Bornstein said. “I have all my hair.”

Antibiotics to control rosacea and a statin for high cholesterol and lipids are two other medications Trump reportedly takes. The doctor also says the president takes low-dose aspirin daily to reduce his risk of a heart attack.

White House officials declined to comment on the doctor’s statements. The doctor was educated at Tufts University for undergraduate studies and medical school and did a fellowship in gastroenterology at Yale. He now has a private practice on the Upper East Side of New York. Bornstein says Trump goes to his New York City office for annual checkups, colonoscopies and other medical tests every year.

When asked about Trump’s self-described status as a germophobe, Bornstein said the subject never came up during their long doctor-patient relationship, according to Politico. Bornstein revealed that Trump “always stands there and changes the paper on the table himself” after an exam.

Trump is the oldest man to ever be elected president of the United States. Bornstein has been working with Trump since 1980 and wrote a letter before the election guaranteeing Trump’s health.

“If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest individual ever elected to the presidency,” Bornstein wrote.

In a second letter from September 2016, Bornstein wrote that Trump is 6-foot-3, weighs 236 pounds, has a normal blood pressure of 116/70 and takes a drug called rosuvastatin, which is marketed as Crestor, to lower cholesterol and other lipids.

“If something happens to him, then it happens to him,” Bornstein said. “It’s like all the rest of us, no? That’s why we have a vice president and a speaker of the House and a whole line of people. They can just keep dying.”

Sources: The New York Times, Politico / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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