Topless Woman Somehow Sneaks Mace Into Cop Car, Regrets It Seconds Later

Topless Woman Somehow Sneaks Mace Into Cop Car, Regrets It Seconds Later

Video filmed in the back of a police car shows a topless woman and a police officer spraying mace at each other (video below).

According to WCMH, Columbus, Ohio, police say that the incident took place outside of a police substation on April 26.

Topless Woman Sprays Mace At Officers In Police Cruiser (Video)

Topless Woman Sprays Mace At Officers In Police Cruiser (Video)

In the video, Quivonna Bonner, 26, can be seen handcuffed in the back seat of a Columbia police cruiser, screaming, cursing, and making obscene gestures. According to Mirror, she had been arrested for drug possession and disorderly conduct.

Court documents say that Bonner told officers repeatedly that she was going to spray them with mace when they opened the door to the cruiser.

Bonner had managed to hide a can of mace in the little amount of clothing she was wearing. While in the back seat of the police cruiser, she was able to get it into her hand.

“Officer Tackett had the rear window cracked and as he got close to try and mace Ms. Bonner, Ms. Bonner reached and sprayed her mace through the opening of the window and Officer Tackett,” court documents say.

The report states that the officer was able to narrowly avoid the mace and quickly sprayed his own mace into the vehicle at the woman. Bonner dropped her can of mace after being sprayed.

According to Mirror, police described Bonner’s behavior as “so belligerent and erratic that she could not be interviewed or processed.” Officers say she was taken directly to the Franklin County Jail.

Bonner was charged with assault on a police officer following the incident.

According to WSYX, Bonner faced a judge the following day for felonious assault on an officer. The judge set her bond at $20,000.

Bonner was on probation already for committing theft in 2015.

Police say that Bonner may not have been searched prior to being put in the police cruiser, which does not go against protocol.

Sgt. Rich Weiner with the Columbus Division of Police said, “They put her in the cruiser, ran her down the road and they were going to search her.”

Police say that they found marijuana in Bonner’s possession after searching her.

Viewers commented on the video on the WTHR Facebook page.

“Is she was held in a cruiser how did she have pepper spray don’t they search you before they put you in a cruiser?” One viewer commented.

“LOL, that was avoidable tho,” another user commented. “Was she not searched prior to being put in the squad car?”

See the video below:

Sources: WCMH, Mirror, WSYX, WTHR/Facebook / Photo Credit: Tony Webster/Flickr

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