Thug Playing With Gun Points It At His Face – Dumb Move (Video)

Thug Playing With Gun Points It At His Face – Dumb Move (Video)

A clip of a man foolishly shooting himself in the cheek went viral (video below).

In the video, the man can be seen filming himself in a car, reports Newsiosity. At first, it appears that something strange is about to happen but it’s unclear as to what exactly. Then, the man brings a gun into view and puts it against his cheek.

Man Points Gun At Cheek, Does Something Crazy (Video)

Man Points Gun At Cheek, Does Something Crazy (Video)

The man then shoots himself in the cheek, leaving a huge hole in the side of his face. The man then opens his mouth and spits out a large amount of blood.

“I don’t give a f*** about nothing anymore,” he says. He reveals that he swallowed the bullet, and tells his friend in the driver’s seat to start driving the car.

“S***, I’m f***** up,” he says. “Whatever. F*** it. If I die, f*** it.”

Laughing, the man again claims that he swallowed the bullet. It is there that the clip ends.

Many viewers speculated that the bullet wasn’t real and that it was actually a blank.

“Banking on the gun loaded with blanks. Up close, this is about the damage you would get against human tissue. Far more than the clown was expecting from a ‘blank’. Had it been full caliber round, it would have gone thru cheek to cheek: car window-straight thru (when it should have bounced around in his head awhile). Bet it was a real warm feeling!” one Newsiosity reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page.

Some even claimed that the whole thing was completely fake.

“Fake gun, fake blood. A real bullet would have gone through both cheeks and the car window,” one viewer commented.

“So much stupidity and not enough ductape. I think it was fake myself because even a 22 cal pistol would have shot through both cheeks. I’ve shot metal and wooden doors and a 22 will go through most of them so it’s most likely fake,” another added.

Do you think the shooting was fake? Check out the disturbing clip below.

Sources: Newsiosity, Newsiosity/Facebook, Ian Dave Galguerra/YouTube / Photo credit: Ian Dave Galguerra/YouTube

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