Thousands Were Asked — Not One Could Find The Dog In This Puzzle. Can You?

Thousands Were Asked — Not One Could Find The Dog In This Puzzle. Can You?

An optical illusion went viral as people attempted to figure out where exactly a dog was located in a drawing of a group of cows.

The hidden object game features a drawing of cows in several rows, with one dog hidden somewhere in the picture. Results varied, with some saying they saw the dog immediately and others saying they were unable to find it at all.

“It was actually the first thing I saw as soon as I looked at it,” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

Can You Find The Dog In This Photo

Can You Find The Dog In This Photo

“Anybody saying they found it based on this pic is lying, lol the puzzle is much bigger, and the dog isn’t shown in this pic ha!!!!” another wrote.

“Enlarged pictiure and used a magnifying glass , and still NO DOG!!!” another added.

One of the most popular hidden object games is Where’s Waldo, and has inspired numerous spin offs and versions over the years. AWM America detailed some interesting little-known facts about the popular game.

One surprising fact about Where’s Waldo is that its main character is known by different names in different countries, including the name Charlie in France, Jura in Croatia and Walter in Germany.

Waldo traveled alone at first but in subsequent novels more characters were added.

– Odlaw was the Wario to Waldo’s Mario. First appearing in The Magnificent Poster Book (1991), Odlaw was narrated as evil though he never appears to be committing dastardly acts in the books.

– Wizard Whitebeard first showed up in The Great Waldo Search (1989) as the person responsible for helping Waldo discover the truth about himself and his past.

– Wilma appeared in The Ultimate Fun Book (1990) but then explicably was replaced by her twin sister/doppelganger Wenda for In Hollywood (1993).

– Woof also debuted in The Ultimate Fun Book (1990) but was defined only by his tail until his full body appearance on the last page of The Wonder Book (1997).

The site also noted that Where’s Waldo appeared in over 100 newspapers in America from 1993 to 1998.

Were you able to find the dog in the photo of the cows?

Sources: AWM America, Newsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: AWM America

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