Teengers Find Puppies In A Trash Bag – Can’t Believe What They Are Holding Onto

Teengers Find Puppies In A Trash Bag – Can’t Believe What They Are Holding Onto

Two teens in Alabama stumbled on something deeply disturbing while out enjoying a day outside.

According to WSFA, Reid Potthoff and Hannah Killingsworth came across a garbage bag full of puppies that had been dumped on the side of the road. There were 11 puppies total in the bag, and one puppy, as well as the mother, had already passed away by the time the teens found them. The rest of the puppies were fighting to survive.

Teens Find Newborn Puppies Dumped In Trash Bag

“It was pretty scary actually,” Potthoff told WSFA. “We didn’t know what to do, we called for help.”

The teens were horrified by the discovery and wondered what kind of person would do such a thing.


“Try to figure out who would do that,” Potthoff said. “Even some people that I know that aren’t really dog people just wouldn’t throw animals in a trash bag.”

The puppies were less than nine days old when found, as they had not yet opened their eyes.


Nicole Benefield, who helped rescue the animals, told AL.com that had the teens not found the puppies, they “wouldn’t have made it another day.”

Benefield told WSFA that she believes the mother actually gave birth inside of the trash bag.

“When I opened the bag, there was blood, and I guess where they were born,” she said. “There was so much in there, I’m surprised they didn’t drown.”


The incident is still under investigation by Clayton police.

According to AL.com, six of the puppies have unfortunately passed away since the rescue. The four remaining puppies are being treated so that they can be adopted when they are in good health.

“Now that people know more about it, they will be more aware things like this happen all the time” Killingsworth told WSFA. “It’s a good feeling to know that you did something right, that you could help something so innocent.”

Clayton police are asking anyone with information about the person or persons responsible to come forward.

Sources: WSFA, AL.com / Photo Credit: WSFA

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