Teenage Boy Sits For Pledge Because ‘America Sucks,’ Teacher Responds In Unexpected Fashion

Teenage Boy Sits For Pledge Because ‘America Sucks,’ Teacher Responds In Unexpected Fashion

A Chicago-area mother is outraged after her son’s school denied his choice to sit for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Shemar Cooper, 15, says he decided to sit down for the Pledge of Allegiance during his Spanish class on Aug. 26 at Eisenhower High School in Blue Island, Illinois. When his teacher told him he had to stand up, he refused, telling her he didn’t want to because “America sucks.”

Shemar’s mother, Kelley Porter, apologized to the teacher for her son’s language, but said she would not apologize for his choice to sit down for the pledge.

Teenage Boy Sits For Pledge Because 'America Sucks,' Teacher Responds In Unexpected Fashion

The teen’s family thought the issue was resolved until he went back to his Spanish class after the weekend. When he chose to sit once again for the pledge, he says the teacher attempted to physically pull him out of his seat.

Porter reported the incident to Blue Island police and threatened to press charges against the teacher.

The mother says she is proud of her son for making a statement against oppression and police violence. She said her family has served their country proudly, pointing out that her father served in World War II.

“America doesn’t respect blacks,” Shemar told WGN. “Until they stop killing us, I’m not going to stand up.”

Porter added, “We don’t hate America. It’s the behaviors that are put out from some of the people towards black people that we disapprove of.”

The mother and son say they were unaware of the controversy in the NFL involving San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who refused to stand for the national anthem at a game for similar reasons, at the time of the incident.

The principal of Eisenhower High School released a statement in response to the incident, saying “Eisenhower High School takes any allegations of violations of students rights seriously. We respect students’ First Amendment right to not stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.”

Porter says she thinks the teacher should be suspended for her actions. According to the principal, school officials are looking into the incident, reports WBBM.

Sources: WGN, WBBM / Photo credit: WGN

33 thoughts on “Teenage Boy Sits For Pledge Because ‘America Sucks,’ Teacher Responds In Unexpected Fashion

    • Americans think they are entitled in this country to do what the hell they want
      They forget it’s a privilege to be herr

  1. If he won’t stand & show respect , at least make him stand OUTSIDE of the classroom until the pledge is finished . He’s ONLY DOING WHAT HE LEARNS AT HOME —- BIGOTRY , RACISM & HATRED ,
    He’ll be another young man who will keep himself back and blame whites and others for his problem.
    Just like he’s being taught to do , THANKS OBAMA , THIS PROBLEM WAS ALMOST GONE —– TILL YOU !!

    • I agree with your suggestion of removing him from the classroom during the Pledge of Allegiance. Maybe his desk should also be moved to separate him from the rest of the class to further enforce his desire to make an anti-American statement.
      Besides, what does a 15 year old American born child know about the REAL WORLD that would make him think he is prepared to make such a bold statement?

  2. Expell him.. His parents have already made him a thug…Let them live with the conseqences..When he’s shot and killed for being a thug..Tell them they made that.. THEY ARE TO BLAME..

    • So very true…ship him back to Africa, if he is so very unhappy and ungrateful in our great country….another idiot…angry black kids only grow up to be angry black men….we have enough of them now…

  3. Her father was in WW II and fought for their freedom.. They don’t understand freedom. Keep yourself down and become another money sucking leech on the government you hate. What is wrong with parents? Being black he probably only knows who is mother is.

  4. If you think America sucks try going to another country for a week, I’m sure that when you get back you will have a greater apprecation for this country. Then maybe you can keep your black butt out of jail. Because right now you are headed that way. No respect for athority.

  5. I believe this teenager and his family should experience what the flag means, I think 2 years in Iraq fighting Isiss then leet them stay there and see what life is in a Muslim country is like , but for now expel the punk , fine the family $10,000.00

    • I really enjoyed reading your comment. That Mother which is not much of a Mother at all needs to be taken out behind the woodshed and the boy needs to be put in a Foster home if anyone would have him, teach him what is to have freedom..I think his little rear is headed right where a lot of the other Black’s and White’s are headed and that is the street so they learn street smarts instead of getting a Education and respect other people.

  6. I think he should be expelled and if they don’t like America then find somewhere they respect blacks. If the black thugs weren’t doing violent things and obey the law and the police officers commands then they wouldn’t be shot.

    • I agree with all the comments on this page. I like what you said about obeying the law. It’s pretty simple!! When you were in school you played a game called Simon says. When you put a badge on someone, male or female. That person becomes Simon and you do what they say or face the consequences.

  7. Take away their FD stamps, etc. Have the teacher send the kid to the principals office while saying pkexdgs of allegance. Teacher controls student legally no compliance, kick unruly terrorists out of school

  8. And right there is why the world is going to shit kids don’t respect adults and the boy’s own mother is going to let him disrespect listening to an adult instead of doing what he was told he’s not 18 he’s not 20 he still a child listen to the teacher and do what you were told

  9. they should lock them both up for treason to this country. both her and her son dont have rights to freedom if there gonna fucking dumb black people.the rights to do so should only be givein to thos who EARN it like soldiers who almost gave there lifes,police officers who were hurt on duty CUZ of her kind,and other people who have done good acts towards this country.

  10. I think these kids are getting away with way too much, I would NOT be a teacher now days for 100 times what they make.
    When you grabbed your ankles and the crack of the paddle were Hurd through the halls and kids feared getting paddled went a long way!

    • Yes and I think I turned out very good. I raised my Kid’s the same way as I was raised and I have a Daughter that was very good. I lost my Son due to Cancer but they always said to me Mom I am glad you raised me the way I was raised..Kid’s do respect thier Parent’s that make them mind and not giving them everything under the Sun…

  11. Which color is fully respected by another color? It is the attitude of a single person that earns them respect. This boy does not deserve my respect, He stands only for himself. When you stand for the pledge of allegiance it means you are uniting with others to make this country the best it can be. Not standing means you do not want to work with anyone else to make it better.

  12. He has no problem taking advantage of the First Amendment right, but has no respect for the country that gave him that right. Rather hypocritical, if you ask me.

  13. What a horrible boy,he demands the Freedoms this constitution,guarantees,but refuses to show America Respect,for being allowed those freedoms ,yes he’s a thug already,refusing to obey authority..,But then that’s why there’s so much violence,,No respect ,for authority,,that’s why the Police and American citizens are armed,because of people like this,,Damd right,I’m armed and not afraid of these punks,,

  14. He’s a disgrace,as is every other hypocrite who sits, enjoying the Freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution,,but refusing to show respect,America sucks? Then you aren’t fit to be protected by our laws,! refusal to obey authority is the first step to becoming a thug,, If he’s shot in a few years ,accept responsibility!! Your self righteous,sense of Entitlement and superiority and lack of upbringing,,just like the others who end up criminals or dead,,your fault,,accept your own responsibility for your actions!!

  15. Maybe he should visit africa and see how fair it is in his motherland, maybe he will appreciate this country we also have free will to make choices like not to be a criminal the police does not make people steal or kill just criminal behavior no matter what color its a choice just like the choice of being a productive citizen
    Sooo no he should stand up for the pledge don’t like it move to another country that will treat you more fair than this one good luck with that lol

  16. You live here and TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF ALL THE “GOODIES” BUT HAVE NO RESPECT FOR WHO PAID FOR IT!!! Move to Syria and see how you like their “freedom”!!!

  17. I don’t agree with the teacher putting hands on the kid, that could have turned into a fight. He has a mouth on him saying America sucks, and I’m sure this is just the beginning. He may only be 15, already has no respect for those of authority, this will only escalate as he gets older.
    I’m sure he will be in a gang, or recruited by the Black Panther’s!!
    America may suck according to you young man, but there is no better place on the face of the earth, that I’d rather be. At least here you are allowed to voice an opinion and not get your head handed to you!! Think about it, and so should your mother…

  18. If he does not want to stand then let him do his thang in some other country. After looking at his picture I figure that he is just taking up time until he kills somebody in a drive-by. I have figured out that shells are cheaper than birth control products, of course, this is only true on the Westside and the Southside of Chicago. I feel anybody who does not like this country should be given a one way ticket to the country of our choice. Africa, South or Central America, Russia or the middle East. Oh yes, not allowed to return to America under any conditions. You Don’t Like Us We Don’t Need You.

  19. I always say it starts at home. We as a country should not give special treatment to anyone If you can’t respect our. Flag than leave and quit cyibg

  20. He should write a paper on WHY America sucks and back it up with FACTS, not bullcrap. and Then what can be done to help with the healing process. To sit during the National Anthem or Pledge is just plain LAZINESS, not making a statement.

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