‘Stop Mommy, Stop Daddy’: Mom Who Violently Killed Daughter Gets A Taste Of Prison Justice

‘Stop Mommy, Stop Daddy’: Mom Who Violently Killed Daughter Gets A Taste Of Prison Justice

Kathryn Smith, 23, was found guilty in April of murdering her daughter Ayeeshia by punching her in the chest.

“Stop mommy, stop daddy,” neighbors heard the 21-month-old child say days before she died in the hospital in May 2014 after sustaining a tear to her heart from trauma caused by a blow to her chest.

'Stop Mommy, Stop Daddy' Mom Who Violently Killed Daughter Gets A Taste Of Prison Justice

Ayeeshia was hit with so much force that she bit through her own tongue.

Smith, who is serving a minimum 24-year sentence in Foston Hall women’s prison, was attacked by two inmates in a stairwell without video survelliance while ten other inmates watched, according to Mirror.

She reportedly howled in pain as she was punched and stabbed with a homemade knife during the four-minute attack that left her with nearly an inch cut across her cheek.

“There had been a lot of talk about attacking Smith, but most people wouldn’t go through with it as they don’t want time added on to their sentences,” a source who witnessed the attack said. “But these two really went for it and left her in a bad way.”

“No one had any sympathy for Smith. Some staff were saying, ‘What goes around comes around.’”

A prison official denied that a weapon was used against Smith in the assault and claims disciplinary action has been taken against her attackers.

13 thoughts on “‘Stop Mommy, Stop Daddy’: Mom Who Violently Killed Daughter Gets A Taste Of Prison Justice

  1. Good I gud them them two thumbs up, they should have killed the bitch, hopefully she gets beat everyday she’s in there, she dosent deserve to breath the same air that we do, how does it feel bitch, you got lucky, I think the girls that did it should be reprimanded for they’re good deed.

  2. Good i don’t blame the other inmates. How can you do that to a lil angel. That is a gift that was sent to you to take care of not hurt or mistreat. If any one should have died it should have been you doing every thing to protect her.. All i can say is she got half of what she deserved…

  3. She got what she deserved. Unfortunately, prisons protect those sick fucks from other inmates in for much lesser shit, and those two girls are probably sitting in the hole for at least 30 days. That baby killer needs to die of fear and if she’s in a prison worth its salt, she will. Or they’ll put her in PC w/o r h the other weak fucks getting protected from the main population. The states need to stop protecting them and let things take their course.

  4. I’m ashamed to say I know the sick bitch they should bring the death penalty back how could you do that to an innocent child… Social services shouldn’t of never let her go back to this demon people like her give us young mums a bad name

  5. I hope she endures torture every single day of her stay. If she survives.. That’s beyond disgusting and she deserves hell for the rest of her life!

  6. She’ll be out when she’s 47. Until then, she’ll be segerated from the general population. 24 years is not long enough…she needs life without parole. Where’s the father when all this was going on?

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