‘Stop! He’s Not White!’ Reporter Saved From Vicious Black Lives Matter Beating Because Color Of His Skin

‘Stop! He’s Not White!’ Reporter Saved From Vicious Black Lives Matter Beating Because Color Of His Skin

Aaron Mak, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, was reporting on the riots in Milwaukee when he was attacked by viciously racist Black Lives Matter thugs who were hunting white people.


He was running faster than a fat kid chasing an ice cream truck, trying to escape the beat-down, but the darkness prevailed over him.

There he was, getting the beat-down of the century from angry irresponsible jobless loser rioters. Catching kicks and punches because he was white and had a job.

That’s when things changed for the better, like the second coming of Jesus just happened and here he is walking on water towards Aaron Mak.

As it turns out, he was blessed with Asian skin and he’s not white. One of the protesters used their single brain cell to determine that Mak is also a minority. Well I’ll be darned, that’s progress if you ask me!

The thieving unemployed and destined for prison hoodlums stopped beating on Mak because he was not white. These folks hunted white meat. They weren’t touching anything that wasn’t pearly white. If these violent thugs saw the albino guy Powder, they would’ve beaten him to a pulp too.

That’s life as an uneducated savage searching for three hots and a cot and enough fight videos to fill a WorldStar profile.


Aaron Mak Attack

BizPac Review – The reporter explained that while running to get away from the violent protesters, he was overtaken and punches began to fly. The attack occurring even though Mak was reassured earlier that he would be safe.

“You’re a minority, too,” a black activist told him.

The protesters who descended upon him like a pack of wild dogs apparently didn’t receive the memo, but amid the carnage a voice suddenly rang out: “Stop! He’s not white! He’s Asian!”

How nice of that one intelligent rioting person committing assault to notice that Mak is Asian and save him from being pummeled into a coma and having his pockets looted.

It’s a shame that Black Lives Matter is such a negative barrel of BS for the African American community in our country.

They had a chance to do something positive and unite people. Instead, Black Lives Matter has become the biggest hate group in the country. The biggest gathering of unemployed people. The largest group of run away fathers with multiple kids and child support bills and single moms who call their kids by the last name.

Black Lives Matter is an embarrassing joke that insults the core values of America.

They had a chance to impress the country and the planet, but they failed miserably, because they’re uncivilized and don’t know how to act like a human being.

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