SICK! Man Rapes 12-Year-Old Daughter; Liberal Judge Decides It’s NO BIG DEAL!

SICK! Man Rapes 12-Year-Old Daughter; Liberal Judge Decides It’s NO BIG DEAL!

This is disgusting. A Montana man repeatedly raped his 12-year-old daughter, and the judge sentenced him to 60 DAYS in jail, and 17 of those are credited since he sat in a cell while waiting for the trial.

SICK! Man Rapes 12-Year-Old Daughter; Liberal Judge Decides It’s NO BIG DEAL!

Seriously, what in the F????

So this guy, Martin Joseph Blake, 40, rapes his daughter multiple times, and at the trial a social worker tells the judge that Blake just needs some hugs and TLC and he’ll be all better. Prosecutors had recommended a 100-year prison sentence with 75 of them suspended. So basically they recommended a 25-year sentence.

District Judge John McKeon decided to go with the social worker’s advice, because hey, raping your 12-year-old daughter isn’t that serious of a crime, right? Disgusting.

The social worker, one Michael Sullivan of Billings, Montana told Judge McKeon that Blake “was a low-risk to re-offend and that it would be important for him to have social support while he received treatment.” Sullivan also said that he suffered a “collapse of social support when he lost his family and job.”

Um, yeah, people tend to abandon your ass if you rape your underage daughter. Sounds like some liberal flower child crap, “The criminal rapist is just misunderstood, he just needed a hug.” Pathetic.

The public defender, Casey Moore, who represented Blake, believed he had served enough time stating, “He did spend 17 days in jail and he did lose his job.”

And people wonder why defense attorneys are hated so much.

The judge told reporters that he gave Blake 60 days because he was getting help from the community.

Via CBS News:

McKeon said he diverted from the recommended sentence because the man (Blake) had support from his family, friends, church and his employer. The Courier reports the girl’s mother and grandmother were among those supporting a community-based punishment. Someone wrote that “he was a good father for 12 years,” and another said he was not a monster, but a man who had made a mistake.

Seriously, only a liberal would give a child rapist 60 days. The judge is no doubt a Hillary supporter.

McKeon is set to retire in a month after serving 22 years as a state judge. Honestly, the guy should have never been a judge in the first place!

A petition to impeach the judge & to strip his state retirement payments has been started and so far it has almost 7000 signatures. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

The judge should be raped & see how he likes it. Piece of crap.

Share & comment if you think the scumbag rapist should’ve gotten the max, and the judge should be removed from the bench immediately!

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