She Has No Idea Her Fiance Is Aware She’s Been Having An Affair, Then He Records The Payback

She Has No Idea Her Fiance Is Aware She’s Been Having An Affair, Then He Records The Payback

A man dumped his girlfriend in a shocking and elaborate way, and caught the whole thing on camera (video below).

In the clip, Neil Broadbent explains that he discovered his girlfriend had been having an affair with a man named Thomas Roux. He found out through text messages that the two were sending back and forth, complete with racy photos and conversations.

Man Dumps Girlfriend In Shocking Way (Video)

Man Dumps Girlfriend In Shocking Way (Video)

Broadbent goes through his detailed plan to confront his partner about the affair, which involves a pretend romantic getaway and a candlelit room. He shows viewers his stairs leading to the bedroom, covered in roses and candles, and lays out the events that would follow once his girlfriend got home.

Sure enough, the woman comes home and is shocked by the apparent romance that she walked into — overwhelmed by the display on her bed and the romantic note he left her. After reading about what she believes is a romantic trip they’ll be taking, he asks her to open a homemade card he created.

Inside the card was a very simple question: “Who the f*** is Thomas Roux?”

The woman looks shocked in the moment the truth is revealed, but Broadbent makes a run for it and leaves the house, locks the door and speeds away in his car.

“That is how you dump somebody,” he proclaims at the end of the clip.

The video quickly went viral, with some viewers praising his efforts to expose his cheating girlfriend.

“Totally glad he found out; he was a lot nicer to her than she was to him,” one Newsiosity reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page. “I wish more cheaters would be found out.”

“Would of liked to see her stupid reaction on her face. Good for you sir, good luck,” another added.

Others felt he went too far.

“Wow how elaborate,” one viewer commented. “I wouldn’t have gone through all that crap. Why not just give her the heart that asked who the guy was?”

“There seems to be something off with him she better be glad they didn’t get married,” another added.

WARNING: Video contains strong language.

Sources: Neil Broadbent/YouTube, Newsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: Newsiosity

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