She Finds A Tiny Door On A Tree, But Mom Gasps When She Sees What’s Inside

She Finds A Tiny Door On A Tree, But Mom Gasps When She Sees What’s Inside

A Kansas mother built a gnome home in honor of a little girl who died of brain cancer (video below).

When a mysterious, beautiful gnome community began popping up in Overland Park, Kansas, the local children were thrilled. The small community was full of whimsically designed gnome homes, but nobody could figure out how they got there. People began leaving notes on clothespins, and one in particular stunned the anonymous builder.

Mother Anonymously Builds Gnome Home In Honor Of Fellow Mother's Loss (Video)

Mother Anonymously Builds Gnome Home In Honor Of Fellow Mother’s Loss (Video)

“In memory of Allie Fisher,” the note read, alongside the dates 10/16/09-6/13/13. The girl was 3 years old when she died from brain cancer, reports Little Things. Robyn Frampton, 41, a single mother who was the builder behind the gnome community, responded by creating a Little Owl door and installing it in one of the gnome homes — which she built along the Tomahawk Creek Trail.

The story of the gnome homes, and the door built for Kelly Fisher’s daughter Allie, was chronicled in “The Gnomist,” a film released on CNN’s Great Big Story website. The short film was made by filmmaker Sharon Liese and garnered incredible responses.

“In a world that seems so harsh at times, this is such a loving example of the good that truly exists … Each day there is someone who needs to hear or see a story like this and today was that day for me,” one of the messages Liese received after the film was released read, The Kansas City Star reported.

Fisher and Frampton became friends after the gnome home builder revealed her identity. The two attended several screenings of the film together.

“She feels that I’ve done something for her,” Frampton told The Kansas City Star. “And I think she’s done something remarkable for me. We’ll be connected forever.”

Frampton, a student who is pursuing a degree in psychology from Utah Valley University, works on gnome projects and other woodworking ventures during her spare time.

“This is my happy place,” she said. “This is where I go when I’m having a real hard day and need to feel better.”

Watch “The Gnomist” below.

Sources: Little Things, The Kansas City Star / Photo credit: Screenshot/Vimeo

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