‘Sex & Cocaine With White Girls’: President Obama’s Secrets Exposed By Former Lover

‘Sex & Cocaine With White Girls’: President Obama’s Secrets Exposed By Former Lover

A new book detailing the secrets and sex life of former President Barack Obama sparked controversy.

In the book, written by Pulitzer prize winner David J. Garrow, Obama’s ex-girlfriend Genevieve Cook detailed their “passionate” sex life and revealed that the couple had sex on their first date. The book also revealed Obama’s cocaine use at the age of 22 and 23, and alleged that he had proposed two times to another woman before meeting wife Michelle Obama.

Former Lover Exposes Obama's Secrets In New Book

Former Lover Exposes Obama’s Secrets In New Book

“Making love with Barack, so warm and flowing and soft but deep – relaxed and loving – opening up more,” Cook said in the book. In addition to his relationship with Cook, Obama also proposed to Sheila Miyoshi Jager two different times before meeting Michelle – a fact that was omitted from his own autobiography.

In addition to his relationship with women, the book also alleged that Obama also considered a gay relationship thanks to the mentorship of an assistant professor he had while attending Los Angeles’ Occidental College. The former President reportedly had a close relationship with Lawrence Goldyn, and the openly gay teacher’s influence prompted him to ponder a same-sex relationship.

“Obama wrote somewhat elusively to his first intimate girlfriend that he had thought about and considered gayness but ultimately decided that a same-sex relationship would be less challenging and demanding than developing one with the opposite sex,” Garrow wrote in the book.

“He was a wonderful guy,” Obama told The Advocate in 2009, Daily Mail reported. “He was the first openly gay professor that I had ever come in contact with, or openly gay person of authority that I had come in contact with. And he was just a terrific guy. He wasn’t proselytizing all the time, but just his comfort in his own skin and the friendship we developed helped to educate me on a number of these issues.”

Many readers were shocked by the revelations from the book, though some thought people should move on from criticizing him considering he wasn’t in power anymore.

“I don’t like Mr. Obama, but I think there are things that will hurt his family more than him and shouldn’t be shared by someone trying to get attention. If this information is truly important to us in this country, then it should have been shared before he took office. Not now, when all it will do is be gossip, as the junk that is being spread about Pres. Trump. Come on country, grow up and think about the people around you and this country instead of just yourseves,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“What difference does it make now. This guy is out of the office and on his own.. Get a life and move on. And NO! I did not vote for obama,” another added.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore via Wikimedia Commons

2 thoughts on “‘Sex & Cocaine With White Girls’: President Obama’s Secrets Exposed By Former Lover

  1. I knew he was gay or loved it because of all the stupid shit he did for gays and lesbians and a bathroom thing if you wake up feel like a woman and you’re a man you can go to the women’s restroom and if you wake up a woman and feel like a man you can go to the men’s restroom and if you’re a pedophile you can go into either one of the restrooms and rape f****** little kids that guy is f***** up period, is also a Muslim Barack Hussein Obama what kind of name does that sound like and what part of the world does that kind of name come from???

  2. The problem is Obama has bowed out and moved on. He’s still funding these protesters just like Clinton and talking crap. None of the other presidents pulled the bullshit that the 2 of them have. People can let it go when someone stands up and tells these people enough is enough all they are doing is hurting the country and themselves.

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