School Janitor Gets Revenge On Disrespectful Students, Had Surprise Ready For Them (Video)

School Janitor Gets Revenge On Disrespectful Students, Had Surprise Ready For Them (Video)

A school janitor got revenge on a group of disrespectful girls who kept kissing the bathroom mirror with lipstick (video below).

The janitor, Elogio, became fed up after he frequently found himself having to clean lipstick marks off of the mirror in the girls’ bathroom. The students were relentless in leaving lipstick marks on the mirror, disrespecting Elogio and the rules of the school.

School Janitor Gets Revenge On Disrespectful Students (Video)

School Janitor Gets Revenge On Disrespectful Students (Video)

When he decided he’d had enough, Elogio went to the principal and asked if she could intervene. When the principal took action, the girls decided it was the perfect opportunity to leave more lipstick marks. Elogio didn’t give up, however, and came up with the ultimate way to get revenge and stop the students for good.

One day, he asked the principal to send the group of girls to the bathroom. When arrived, the janitor explained to them why they were there.

“Ladies, thank you for coming,” he said, AWM America reported. “Every day at the end of the day I have to go through an unnecessary cleaning process. I’d like to show it to you and I’m hoping you’re willing to help. If you look over here to the mirror, you see these lip prints? They’re greasy and difficult to get off and I go home late every day because I spend so much time on these mirrors. I’d like to show you what I have to do every day.”

Elogio proceeded to dip his mop into the toilet water in his bucket and use it to wipe the stains off of the mirror. The girls were horrified, and Eulogio’s plan ensured that they would never again put their lips on the mirror.

“I loved this most of the children today have no respect for anyone boy if I did something like this when I was their age I hate to say how I would have been punished,” one AWM America reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“This is whats happening. Kids are super disrespectful and now the parents are too. Try walking rails for trails and bikers wont pass single file anymore, they almost hit you and its from teens up to elderly that are disresptful. Its sad that respect is almost the thing of the past,” another wrote.

“Awesome, the schools need to bring back punishments for school property being damaged, you through garbage on the ground then you stay after school and pick up trash or pick it up during lunch, you write on the walls, then you scrub the walls clean, you put lipstick on the mirrors then you clean all the school mirrors, problem solved,” another added.

Sources: AWM America, AWM America/Facebook / Photo credit: Joe Wolf via Flickr

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