Police Reveal Disturbing Items That Tad Cummins’ Brought With Him On Trip With Teen

Police Reveal Disturbing Items That Tad Cummins’ Brought With Him On Trip With Teen

Six weeks after being reported missing, a Tennessee teacher and 15-year-old his female student were found in a remote cabin in Cecilville, California.

According to The Daily Beast, he had reportedly taken guns, money, lube, and a freshly filled prescription of Cialis, an erectile dysfunction drug, with him on the trip.


The story of Tad Cummins and Elizabeth Thomas has received a lot of attention over the last month and a half, when the two were reported missing following the start of an investigation into their inappropriate relationship, The Daily Beast reported.

Cummins, 50, was Elizabeth’s health teacher when students found the two kissing in his classroom. Co-workers at the restaurant where Elizabeth worked had admitted that she had hid from Cummins in the bathroom, begging them to tell him she wasn’t working that day.

The 15-year-old woke her older sister on the morning of March 13 before leaving for work and said, “Hey I’m leaving, but if I’m not back by 6:00 come looking for me.”

That same day, Cummins’ wife returned home to a note from her husband saying he’d left to clear his head and would return soon. He also asked her in the note not call the police.

The two hadn’t been seen in Tennessee since.

Since then, a lot of uncomfortable information has been found regarding Cummins’ intentions.

A police investigation revealed that the schoolteacher had falsified information on a loan application and received $4,500 a week before the kidnapping. Days before he left, he had also reportedly filled a prescription for Cialis.

His wife reported that along with the money and pills, two handguns were missing.

In addition to this information, it had been reported that in western Oklahoma, he was found to be purchasing lubricant often used for sexual activity.

The Tennessean reported that documents filed in federal court had reveled that Cummins had plans to take young Elizabeth to Mexico and other countries.

Information regarding a possible physical relationship between the two has not been released, but the circumstances of how they had been living have been shared to the public by Kat Bozeman, Elizabeth’s older sister-in-law, CNN reported.

“She told us she didn’t have access to telephone, Internet, any electronic devices. There was not availability to food all the time, is the understanding. Obviously, we are really trying not to press her, because it’s really traumatic for her to remember all of these things,” Bozeman said.

“What do you say in these circumstances? You want to ask so many things, but then you know that’s not what she needs. You’re speechless,” Bozeman added.

She said Elizabeth is currently at a mental health facility, spending most of her time with a therapist, and occasionally enjoying visits from friends and family.

On April 24, a California federal judge approved Cummins’ request to return to Tennessee, where he is set to face trial. Cummins is being charged for transportation of a minor across state lines for the purpose of criminal sexual intercourse. This charge brings a minimum of 10 years with a maximum life sentence, as well as a $50,000 fine.

Sources: The Daily Beast, CNN, The Tennessean / Photo credit: Pixabay

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