Police Reveal What Was In 10-Year-Old Victoria Marten’s Blood Prior To Her Death

Police Reveal What Was In 10-Year-Old Victoria Marten’s Blood Prior To Her Death

New details about the murder of 10-year-old Victoria Martens in Albuquerque, New Mexico, have been officially released. On Aug. 23, 2016, Victoria was allegedly raped, murdered and decapitated by her mother’s boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, 32, and his cousin, Jessica Kelley, 32 on her 10th birthday.

Victoria’s mother, Michelle Martens, 35, reportedly had sex with Gonzales immediately after her daughter was killed. The girl’s dismembered body was later discovered wrapped in a burning blanket.

Chilling Details Revealed In Victoria Martens Murder

Chilling Details Revealed In Victoria Martens Murder

The victim’s autopsy report, released on Jan. 9, showed she was sexually abused before that night. The coroner also concluded Victoria had the sexually transmitted disease human papillomavirus, known as HPV, reports the Albuquerque Journal.

Although there was no sperm found on the girl’s body, there was physical evidence that the victim had been raped.

Medical exams found that she had a fractured spine, suffered from blunt-force trauma, had been slashed and that some of her organs were removed from her body.

“The sharp force injuries described … showed no vital response — a finding in keeping with being inflicted post-mortem,” the report said.

Initially, Victoria’s mother had claimed she and Gonzales were attacked by Kelley, a convicted rapist, that night, and did not know what happened to her daughter.

“Jessica comes into our bedroom and asks me if I believe in God. She kept hitting me, hitting me, hitting me, punching,” she originally stated.

Later, Michelle’s story changed and she claimed the girl had died from ingesting methamphetamine when Victoria was left alone with Kelley, according to CBS News.

The girl’s autopsy report showed no evidence of meth. Investigators now say Michelle had given alcohol to Victoria to relax her for the sexual abuse and murder that followed.

“In an alcohol naive person, this level of alcohol could cause cognitive and physical impairment,” the report says.

Michelle confessed to looking for pedophiles online and at work to sexually abuse her daughter. One of the men she asked was a co-worker, but she had met Gonzales online.

It is unclear whether authorities have identified the two other men involved in Victoria’s abuse.

Gonzales and Kelley both have long criminal histories and both face charges of kidnapping, child rape and child abuse resulting in death.

Republican New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez said in a statement in August the abuse and murder of Victoria “is unspeakable and justice should come down like a hammer.”

Sources: Albuquerque Journal, CBS News / Photo credit: KRQE via CBS News

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