Photo of Young Girl’s Last Eyelash From Cancer Battle is Heartbreaking

Photo of Young Girl’s Last Eyelash From Cancer Battle is Heartbreaking

Father-of-four, Andrew Brown, has shared a heartbreaking photo of his little girl Hayley, seven, who is currently fighting cancer.
The moving photograph shows just one single eyelash remaining on Hayley’s eye after months of chemotherapy.
‘That one last eyelash has been hanging on, on it’s own, for a few weeks now,’ Mr Brown, a Melbourne-based comedian, captioned the photo.


Hayley was diagnosed in June after doctors discovered a five centimetre tumour growing inside her nose.
As a result, she was told she would need to undergo eight months of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to fight it.
To help Mr Brown, his wife, Leia Brown and Hayley, their friend Andrea Huggins has put together a MyCause page to raise funds.


‘Every time I see that photo, I think “make a wish”, it’s just so moving,’ Mrs Huggins told Daily Mail Australia.
‘Anything that can be done to help that beautiful family, we need to do.’
Every time I see that photo, I think “make a wish”, it’s just so moving.
Speaking to Kidspot, Mr Brown said Hayley’s eyelashes held on much longer than her hair did – so much so that staff at the hospital would comment on how beautiful they were.
But despite that, her lashes also started to fall out and although the final lash hung on, it too, fell out three weeks later.


‘Right through people, including her older sister, always said how jealous they were of her beautiful big eyelashes,’ Mr Brown told the website.
‘She doesn’t really realise they’re gone, people stopped talking about them. She probably doesn’t even know her eyebrows are practically gone.’
Hayley will undergo another five weeks of radiation and two more rounds of chemotherapy before doctors decide the next treatment plan – the current treatment already starting to shrink the tumour.


Since the diagnosis, Mr Brown has taken part in comedy fundraisers in Hayley’s name – something he already took part in before the diagnosis to raise money for cancer sufferers.
‘When I saw Hayley was on the fundraiser poster, I was a bit overwhelmed,’ Mr Brown told the Herald Sun in August.
The next comedy night will be held on December 16th in Ballarat.


Those who wish to donate to the family can visit Hayley’s MyCause page.
The funds raised will help the Browns to cover costs associated with being in hospital, including parking, citylink, fuel, medicine, rent and bills.
‘This is a time when the family needs its parents most and they may be unable to work. Bills will still come in and there will be additional costs of daily living so these funds will be used to help them however they need it most,’ Mrs Huggins writes.

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