Passerby Snapped A Photo Of Thing Strapped To This Truck – It’s Going Viral

Passerby Snapped A Photo Of Thing Strapped To This Truck – It’s Going Viral

Photos of a dog tied to the bed of a truck sparked outrage and quickly went viral.

A Houston, Texas, driver caught the horrifying sight on camera — showing a dog tied to a flatbed truck that was moving at 65 mph.
Houston Humane Society spokeswoman Monica Schmidt spoke to KHOU about the disturbing photos.

You Won't Believe What's On This Truck (Photo)

You Won’t Believe What’s On This Truck (Photo)

“You get a sense of disbelief that this could even happen,” she told the station. “And you think, ‘are you sure this isn’t [digitally edited?]’ because it’s just so horrible that anybody would do that.”

The person who took the pictures wished to remain anonymous, but his Facebook post where the images originated quickly went viral. Many viewers called for the dog’s owner to be arrested.


“We really need stricter laws in Texas to be able to protect those animals that can’t protect themselves. Every dog owner should be saddened that as a society that happens… here in Houston on our highways,” Schmidt told KHOU.

She added that she recommended people who were upset by the photos to call their local elected official and demand stricter animal rights laws in Houston and Texas as a whole. As it is, what the driver did is perfectly legal, reports Newsiosity.

The photo got mixed reactions when it went viral, with some agreeing that the treatment of the animal was cruel.

“[Awful], chain the owner up so he can feel what it’s like,” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

Others, however, argued that the dog was seemingly happy and not being tortured as the images suggested.

“Come on people! That’s one very happy dog. How happy do you think he’d be if he was left in the back yard for days at a time while this truck driver is on the road? Dogs love to ride on trailers or in the back of pickups,” one reader wrote.

“Looked like the dog was having a good time. Funny how people like that lady in the video most likely drive with a Dog on her lap while she’s drinking and feel it’s ok. One of my Pet peeves,” another added.

“[Having] and animals in your lap is prob worse then texting and driving. Who knows. If the dog wasn’t hooked to the trailer I’d have a problem but since it is who cares. Bet she would have been fine if the dog was in a truck bed with sides but without a leash.”

Do you think the way the dog was treated was cruel?

Sources: KHOU, Newsiosity, Newsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: Newsiosity, KHOU

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