Parents Demand Answers After Son Ends Up Looking Like This, Get The Last News They Wanted To Hear

Parents Demand Answers After Son Ends Up Looking Like This, Get The Last News They Wanted To Hear

The family of a teen who was brutally beaten by bullies released shocking photos of his injuries – showing his face severely swollen and covered in blood.

The disturbing images showed the 15-year-old covered in blood near his mouth, with the right side of his face completely swollen. The boy was reportedly on his way home from school and had just gotten off a bus when he was attacked by bullies.

Photos Released Showing Bullied Teen Savagely Beaten

Photos Released Showing Bullied Teen Savagely Beaten

The teen suffered two fat lips and was rushed to the hospital for a broken jaw. A 17-year-old boy was arrested and ultimately released on bail in connection to the incident.

Photos Released Showing

Photos Released Showing

“Please, if anyone saw anything please tell the police,” family friend Sarah Davies, who posted the photos, pleaded. “I’m sharing this with his mum’s permission.”

The photos were shared on social media more than 8,000 times and prompted outrage among viewers.

“Some utter scumbags about – why oh why do people think its big and clever to kick the crap out of someone,” one viewer commented, Daily Mail reported. “I hope they catch the scumbag that did this.”

“What a disgusting cowardly attack on a young boy. I hope he recovers soon Physically , and I hope he isn’t too [traumatized] by this later on,” another added.

A spokesman for the South Wales Police in Wales, where the incident took place, released a statement asking anyone involved to come forward.

“Police in Bridgend are appealing for witnesses to an assault on a teenage boy in North Cornelly to come forward,” the statement read. “The incident occurred as the 15 year-old victim got off a bus at Woodland Place, at approximately 4pm on Wednesday, February 8, 2017. He sustained serious facial injuries which required hospital treatment. A 17-year-old boy has been arrested and bailed in connection with the incident.”

In a similar incident, a young teen was bullied and beaten by a mob of students for “being ginger.”

Toby Gates, a 12-year-old British boy, was caught on camera being kicked repeatedly and severely beaten while writhing in pain.

“I was devastated when he told me what happened. I was fuming. I wanted to sort it out there and then and find the kids who did it,” the boy’s father, Simon McManus, told The Sun.

“Obviously that’s not the answer and would have made me no better than the people who did this. Toby’s not one to drop anyone in it but I told him: ‘You can’t let these people get away with this.’ Initially when he came in he went straight up to his room and his sister came and told me he was crying quite heavily. He said he was alright and that he had just fallen over.”

At last update, the attackers had not yet been identified or caught.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo credit: Daily Mail (Facebook), Pixabay

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  1. I was beaten in a similar manner at about the same age……at Age 13. When I got to be about 19 I hunted down each and every one of em and left em right where I found em….the last one was when I was 24……To this day each one did not know who hit them as they awoke from their hospital beds.One still walks with a limp…….Be careful who you pick on it will some back some day

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