Normal Visit To Doctor Causes Baby To Act ‘Drunk’ – Mom Quickly Realizes What Is Happening

Normal Visit To Doctor Causes Baby To Act ‘Drunk’ – Mom Quickly Realizes What Is Happening

A young mother was shocked when she noticed how her infant daughter was reacting to the medication she was given by her doctor.

Jessica Brough, 23, took her daughter, Grace, to see a doctor for a routine appointment, and was sent home with a prescription for reflux medication. When she got home, she noticed that the medicine not only contained alcohol but also was an extremely high dosage.

Baby Girl Starts Acting Strange During Routine Checkup

Baby Girl Starts Acting Strange During Routine Checkup

An amended prescription was later given, but the dosage was still unusually high.

“For three days, my baby has been, for all intents and purposes, drunk,” she told Yahoo7 News Austrailia of what happened to Grace after she took the medicine.

“We don’t know what’s going to happen to Grace until she grows older and see if she starts reaching those expected milestones.”

When a home nurse visited the family to check on Grace, it was discovered that the girl was ultimately at risk of serious complications due to the medicine.

“I asked what the best way to get Grace to take the medication was and she took one look and said ‘that’s not right,'” Brough said.

She called the hospital and the pediatrician said to “bring her in immediately.”

“Given the three month dosage, it would have fried her brain, caused liver damage, heart attack or she could have died, that’s what the doctor told us.”

Grace was brought to the hospital for recovery and treatment, and her mother is now considering legal action against the doctor who treated her.

“You put your trust in them… especially with a six-week-old baby, you don’t think ‘I better Google that they’ve prescribed the right dosage,'” she said. “It’s slipped through the crack basically four times. Doctors are so quick to get you in and out they don’t even pay attention to the fact that she is just six weeks old and very vulnerable.”

Thankfully, there was no brain or liver damage caused by the medication, but Brough believes the doctor should be penalized for his actions.

“The doctor and pharmacy think they heard the last of it by being blasted by the doctor at the hospital but they haven’t heard nothing yet.”

The shocking story quickly went viral, with many expressing their disgust with the doctor’s life-threatening mistake.

“I asked a lot of questions when I get new prescriptions I haven’t had before. Also I asked the pharmacy too. Better be safe than sorry!!!! Prayers for this child!!” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“So sad that is why I am that pushy mom who will be at my children’s bedside if they are in the hospital or check on them and meds after an appointment,” another added.

Sources: Newsiosity/Facebook, Yahoo7 News Australia / Photo credit: Yahoo7 News Australia

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