Muslim Infiltrators Angry that Small Town Colorado Christians Won’t Sell Them Property to Build a Mosque

Muslim Infiltrators Angry that Small Town Colorado Christians Won’t Sell Them Property to Build a Mosque

From Sons Of Liberty Media

ORIGINAL HEADLINE: “Somalis’ assimilation in Colorado farm town stymied by lack of mosque.” BETTER HEADLINE: “Somali Muslims want a mosque so they can finish creating a Muslim-only parallel society in another American town.”

Barack Hussein Obama has been using taxpayer dollars to fly tens of thousands of Somali Muslims into the country every year since 2009.

Muslim Infiltrators Angry that Small Town Colorado Christians Won’t Sell Them Property to Build a Mosque

Muslim Infiltrators Angry that Small Town Colorado Christians Won’t Sell Them Property to Build a Mosque

TRIB Live: FORT MORGAN, CO — For the last decade, Somali refugees have flocked to this conservative farm town on Colorado’s eastern plains. They have started a small halal mini-market and a restaurant, sent their children to the schools, and worked at a meat processing plant (from which they were fired for demanding to pray during working hours).

As much as Fort Morgan’s small town feel reminds many of their rural villages back home, some say they will feel like outsiders until they get what has eluded them: a permanent mosque. They are renting two small rooms for a makeshift version, for now.

They say they have tried to buy property to build a mosque but believe no one wants to sell to them.“If we can own a mosque here, we will be more a part of the community,” said Abdinasser Ahmed, a local Somali leader and public schools teacher who fled war-torn Mogadishu, Somalia’s capital, in 2003, arrived in Fort Morgan in 2009 to work at the plant, and is now an American citizen.

Some longtime residents say they don’t want one in their city of 12,000, a step too far, especially at a time when fears of terrorism have grown following the attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, Calif.

Putting a mosque “right in the center of town” would be a symbol “as if to claim the town,” said Candace Loomis, who runs a coffee shop and whose grandparents settled this country of sweeping horizons in a two-room sod house.

Divisions have been exacerbated by rhetoric on the Republican presidential campaign trail, including talk by Donald Trump and others about banning fellow refugees and Muslims from the United States. Each Islamic State-inspired terror attack, each domestic mass shooting adds to the pain of the East African community here, Ahmed said.

It’s a challenge for refugees who fled violence to integrate into a society whose citizens worry about that very same violence at home. Residents say they want to be welcoming. But hesitations remain, especially about Muslim refugees.
“There’s a general feeling out there of, ‘Let’s slow this train down a bit,’ ” Morgan County Sheriff Jim Crone said. “It’s a sense of: ‘We don’t mind people coming here. Just be part of the process.’”

What happened in San Bernardino solidified for a lot of residents their worries about how the United States vets refugees, Crone said.

“Some people will throw the racist card to that attitude,” he said. “That’s not what it’s about. It’s about a lack of social structure in their homelands. To ignore that kind of stuff is just not proper. But that doesn’t mean you’re going to treat them any different.”

This is just one of the many reasons people in this Colorado town don’t want even more Muslims in their neighborhood.

8 thoughts on “Muslim Infiltrators Angry that Small Town Colorado Christians Won’t Sell Them Property to Build a Mosque

  1. Assimilate, there has been no attempt to assimilate,! Throw away the rags and join the community. Have they done that yet? So far only Colorado has tried. When do the refugees begin to try to fit in? Stand your ground folks! This is your town,your way of life ,you don’t need to assimilate, they do! Jews have always joined the society they live by. Their religion is much older than islam, they have survived by joining not changing the societies they live in.

    • You are exactly right we have all got to push back when it comes to them gaining territory that is against our values and each time they get there way in a situation like this its twice as hard each time to try to stop them from making America into there own they need to join us or leave point blank

  2. Why would someone let them build a mosque, and teach hatred against them? They would be teaching it to everyone. Give them this.,and then they just start a bunch of trouble. I wouldn’t.

  3. Somalia practices the most savage of the practices of Islam. Female genitalia mutilation, honor killings – again of women, tolerance of boy sodomy, yet hatred of homosexuality!?
    Do we want a religion that has no tolerance for any other religion? The definition of their heaven is 72 virgins who get raped every night and 12 boys more precious than pearls.
    I pray quite often for the survival of my country. But, I’m afraid that our government is full of paid off traitors, who have already sold us down the river.
    Another reason I voted for Trump. He’s not a traitor.

  4. The government and or Trump can only do so much I’m just going to state the facts we that believe in our values are going to have to stick together on this it doesn’t have to be violent just refuse them in things like this refuse to serve them if they don’t want to take the RAGS off refuse to communicate with them until they can communicate with us in normal american fashion or until they accept our ways if not they need to be put out we have allowed them to expand by being to generous and soft to long and frankly it has us in a bad spot and that’s just the damn truth wake up for you that believe one minute these pple want to contribute to the U.S in a positive way for us Americans


  6. Do not let them build any mosques anywhere. They need to go back where they came from. These people hate us Americans and want to destroy our country. Muslims go the frick home where you belong.

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