Motorist gives driver the finger – who then pulls out a HANDGUN

Motorist gives driver the finger – who then pulls out a HANDGUN

A furious road-rage driver got more than he bargained for when the motorist he was screaming at pulled out a handgun.
Video shows the man pulling up alongside his fellow motorist before launching into an expletive-ridden tirade – then slamming his brake on when he sees the weapon.
The clip, filmed in America, has since gone viral having amassed more than 20 million views on Facebook.


Despite many suggesting the clip is staged, it has more than 700,000 shares and 400,000 likes after being uploaded to Facebook by ‘The Obnoxious Mr Robertson’.
Filmed by the driver wielding the gun, it shows an irate motorist pulling up on the passenger side of his vehicle, screaming furiously.


He says: ‘You stupid motherf**ker why don’t you learn to drive you dumb f**k?’
The driver gesticulates at the ranter with his middle finger – who then responds: ‘Do something motherf**ker, pull over! You ain’t gonna do sh*t!’
He then exclaims, ‘oh god’, slams on his brakes and disappears when his opponent calmly pulls a gun and points it at him.

The video posted by The Obnoxious Mr Robertson is titled, ‘Think before you road rage’.
It has been met with mixed reactions from viewers.
Lori Boren wrote: ‘It’s so funny how many jump on this.. this is stupid, you should be jailed blah blah blah. You totally miss the point to this video, it’s saying be careful who you start yelling at while driving.
‘You never know when someone has a gun and when they will use it for your hot headed driving.’


The Onboxious Mr Robertson replied: ‘Hey! Somebody gets it!’
But Mike Sobusiak wrote: ‘Logical law abiding citizens who carry firearms take the responsibility very seriously.
‘Doing things like this even if it’s fake are stupid and make good gun owners look bad.’

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