Mother Notices 4-Year-Old Acting Weird After Hiring New Nanny – Nanny Cam Reveals Something Awful

Mother Notices 4-Year-Old Acting Weird After Hiring New Nanny – Nanny Cam Reveals Something Awful

A security camera caught a Kentucky babysitter brutally abusing a special needs child (video below).

Lillian D. White was arrested on Oct. 3 and charged with second-degree criminal abuse.


Tiffany Fields’ son Luke, 4, has Down syndrome, heart defects and epilepsy. The 4-year-old needs round-the-clock care, so Fields employed White from Caretenders, a division of Almost Family.

A few months after White was first hired to care for him, Luke started acting strange, reports WKYT.

“Luke had always been a very loving child, had always been the type of child that liked to be held by his mother,” said the family’s attorney, Dale Golden. “Suddenly, all of that changed and that caused Tiffany to become very concerned.”

So Fields set up a nanny cam to figure out what was wrong – she was traumatized by what she saw.

“Once she looked at it, to her shock, she saw that her child was not only being physically abused but also verbally abused,” Golden said.

The footage shows White yanking Luke by his feet and sitting on him while changing his diaper.

“You’re not going to kick me, ‘cause I’m sitting on top of you,” White said to Luke.

The babysitter can be heard swearing at the little boy numerous times. In the video, White reportedly said, “you little s***. This is what we’re going to do. We’re going to do it my way.”

White was also caught flipping Luke on the floor.

“In this situation the family is in shock and they’re currently seeking the advice of medical personnel as to the extent of any injuries that Luke may have suffered,” Golden told WKYT.

A representative from Caretenders told LEX 18 the company was oblivious to these allegations until the story was reported by local news.

The child care corporation says they would immediately investigate the event and reach out to the Fields family.

An official statement from Caretenders reads:

“Yesterday, Lillian D. White, an employee, was charged with allegations of abuse. The company learned of the allegations against Ms. White only a few hours before her arrest. We take these allegations very seriously, and are taking prompt steps to address the matter.”

White was released on bond and entered a not guilty plea.

Sources: WKYT, LEX 18 / Photo credit: LEX 18 / Video credit: WKYT via YouTube

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