Mother Learns Meaning Of ‘Rainbow Baby’ After Having Her Own

Mother Learns Meaning Of ‘Rainbow Baby’ After Having Her Own

A mother has shared the heartbreaking, yet hopeful, story about her rainbow baby.

Mother Learns Meaning Of 'Rainbow Baby' After Having Her Own

In a piece in the Independent Journal Review, Virginia Kruta wrote that she had no clue what a rainbow baby was, until she had her own.

The mother explained that she had suffered four lost pregnancies, losing one baby at 14 weeks. She says she had four healthy babies in her first marriage. However, after being divoirced and remarried, the mother tried for another baby.

After taking six weeks to get pregnant, Kruta lost her first baby at four weeks. Then, after becoming pregnant again two months later, she suffered another miscarriage less than three months into the pregnancy. The couple kept trying, however, and after a third miscarriage in six months, the mother felt defeated.

“It was my fault. I had carried four healthy babies to term, after all,” the mother wrote. “What was I doing differently? My husband blamed himself as well, because he had suffered the loss of a newborn in his first marriage.”

Finally, the couple became pregnant for a fourth time. The baby made it past 12 weeks and Kruta and her husband felt hopeful. The second trimester is generally a good sign that the baby will make it. Unfortunately, two weeks later, an ultrasound showed no heartbeat.

“How would we tell family members that we were to be a party of minus-one yet again?” Kurt wrote.

The couple tried one last time.

According to the mother, she and her husband kept her fifth pregnancy a secret, even from their older children, until the 18-week ultrasound.


When the baby reached 27 weeks, Kruta says her doctor excitedly told her, “You have a baby!”

The baby girl was born on May 3, 2013. Finally, Virginia says she knew what a rainbow baby was — “our rainbow after a very long storm.”


According to People, a rainbow baby is a baby born after a mother suffers a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal death, or infant loss.

The mother learned after her daughter’s birth that she was not alone. Mothers around the world have shared their stories of loss and heartbreak, followed by the joy that comes with their rainbow babies. Kruta concluded with the message that while nothing can make up for the tremendous loss of a miscarriage, sharing your story can make a big difference for the many mothers suffering their own losses.

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