Mother Installs Camera After Noticing Daughter Acting Strange, Captures Nanny Doing Unthinkable

Mother Installs Camera After Noticing Daughter Acting Strange, Captures Nanny Doing Unthinkable

A young mother was shocked and disturbed by what she saw on her nanny cam (video below).

Whitney Matney, a 28-year-old Springdale, Arkansas, mother, hired a nanny in 2012 to take care of her 11-month-old daughter, Raylee. Former high school classmate Melissa Medema reached out to her after Matney posted on Facebook about the job.

Mom Installs Nanny Cam, Disturbed By Footage (Video)

Mom Installs Nanny Cam, Disturbed By Footage (Video)

“She responded, ‘I’m very interested. Do you mind if I meet with you?’” Matney told ABC News.

Matney did some research on Medema, and even got a glowing recommendation from a reference. She decided to bring her over to the house to meet Raylee and see if it was a good fit.

“She would talk to Raylee, play with her. Raylee seemed to really take to her. So I ended up hiring her,” she said.

Although it seemed to be a good fit, Matney said there were signs on the first day that something wasn’t right.

“The day Melissa started working there, when I cross the threshold into her bedroom she just started screaming. And I just thought, you know, she’s tired, she’s getting sick,” she said.

Every time her daughter would see Medema, she would run to her mother screaming and cling to her parents. Suspicious, Matney decided to set up a camera. After the first day with the camera, Matney came home and saw something odd.

“I looked over and I saw the camera siting there. And it was facing the wall. I immediately — my heart just leapt in my throat,” she said. The nanny camera had been discovered and turned toward the wall.

Terrified, Matney looked at the footage and found a clip of Medema leaving Raylee in her bouncer for several hours at a time, spanking her and even violently shaking her.

Two days later, Medema showed up for work and was met by the police. She was arrested and charged only with endangering the welfare of a child — meaning she’d spend 90 days in jail and three years probation. After her probation was over, her record would be cleared.

“The fact that this monster — there’s no other way to describe her, you know — if this monster can walk around, watch other children and have no ramifications at the end of four years, it’s just beyond insane,” Matney said.

The mother said she learned her lesson, and even began speaking out to help prevent other parents from hiring the wrong people.

“I’m trying to keep other people from being subjected to, well, Melissa, and other people who have done this type of thing and had their record expunged. I think that their faces need to be out there, at least for parents,” she said.

Sources: ABC News, Newsiosity/Facebook / Photo credit: ABC News/YouTube

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