Millennial Anti-Trump Protesters Block Highway. Immediately Hit By Speeding Car. [VIDEO]

Millennial Anti-Trump Protesters Block Highway. Immediately Hit By Speeding Car. [VIDEO]

Violent protests and riots have been happening all across the nation as a result of the election of Donald Trump as president. In Portland, Oregon people were videotaped smashing windows of cars in parking lots. Apparently this is peoples way of showing sadness over Hillary Clinton’s loss. Now they are blocking interstate highways like the Black Lives Matter activists.

But what they stupidly did not understand is that you do not run into a freeway in the pitch black of night. A video posted online shows exactly what happend one night during protests. People were chanting, “education not deportation.”



As they continue chanting they continue walking into the San Diego freeway where there is traffic. They used their flashlights as their only source of light so they were next to impossible to see. But the speeding cars could not see them. A woman in a white shirt was leading the charge.


The video catches a car hurling towards protestors who had reached the middle lane of the highway and a loud thud can be heard when the car clipped a woman in a white shirt. Some people are completly unaware that the woman was hurt. When people began to realize what happend they scurried off the freeway.

Police officers and an ambulance eventually appeared on the scene and took the girl who was hit away. While people yelled for them all to get off the road. One person commented ont eh video, “even a five year old knows not to play in the street.” It may be callous but at the end of the day you reap what you sew. If you are foolish enough to walk in traffic on a busy highway this is what happens.

Clearly these people did not learn that basic lesson. Which tells you exactly the intelligence level of these people.

4 thoughts on “Millennial Anti-Trump Protesters Block Highway. Immediately Hit By Speeding Car. [VIDEO]

  1. Stay out of the damn roads and you wouldn’t get hit .I wouldn’t stop if you block the road, what a bunch of morons.

  2. Their stupid. If you walk out on a busy street or freeway , you are bound to get hit. You don’t walk out in the street at night. Those people are crazy to do something like that. Looked what happen a woman was hit. Because people can’t see you at night.

  3. This is fucken bullshit!!! I couldn’t get any video to play! I love watching these videos!!! Let the bodies hit the floor!!

  4. Ya know what would be awesome ,if after all these idiots got back home an found that every shred of their belongings were smashed and burned in protest of their protest

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