Men Who Shot Cop, Left Him Paralyzed And On Ventilator Get Shock Of Their Lives In Court

Men Who Shot Cop, Left Him Paralyzed And On Ventilator Get Shock Of Their Lives In Court

Donald Trump announced during his campaign that if elected president, he would sign an executive order to mandate the death penalty for convicted cop killers. “One of the first things I do, in terms of executive order if I win, will be to sign a strong, strong statement that will go out to the country — out to the world — that anybody killing a policeman, policewoman, a police officer — anybody killing a police officer, the death penalty. It’s going to happen, OK?”

Men Who Shot Cop, Left Him Paralyzed And On Ventilator Get Shock Of Their Lives In Court

Men Who Shot Cop, Left Him Paralyzed And On Ventilator Get Shock Of Their Lives In Court

Those statements will make you cheer even more when you read this story, knowing that all cop killers (or attempted cop killers) will be brought to justice.

As America Now reported:

Two Atlantic City, New Jersey, criminals got a dose of karma when they appeared in court to a room full of police officers after they attempted to kill a cop during a robbery.

Two officers reportedly responded to three men trying to rob three people outside of Caesars casino, which prompted a shootout. One of the suspects, 25-year-old Jerome Damon, was killed in the incident. Officer Jostle Vadell, 29, was rushed to the hospital in critical condition but was later considered stable.

In court, suspects Demitrius Cross and Martel Chisolm walked into the court room to find a room full of police officers who showed up to honor their brother in blue.

The heartbreaking story of Vadell’s injury went viral, with many applauding the officers for showing up in court to support their colleague.

“These two are a menace to society. They should never be released bk into the community. Senseless,” one Mad World News reader wrote on the site’s Facebook page.

“Great to see that the men and women in blue are showing support for each other,” another added.

One of these men had a prior criminal record. Chisolm was convicted on robbery charges on Sept. 8, 2008, according to New Jersey Department of Corrections records. Chisolm was also convicted of selling drugs and resisting arrest. He was released from Atlantic County Justice Facility in August of 2013.

The other suspect in the shooting, Demetrius Cross, 28 had been in the Atlantic County Justice Facility four separate times between 2011 and 2015, but has no criminal convictions on record.

Needless to say, attempting to kill police officers is about the last repeat offense you’d ever want to commit. They’re screwed folks!

16 thoughts on “Men Who Shot Cop, Left Him Paralyzed And On Ventilator Get Shock Of Their Lives In Court

    • Give them the death penalty any one that kills a person period should have the death penalty and don’t take years before you do it. All these thugs think they can do whatever they want and get a few years get out and do the same thing all over again this needs to stop. If you give more of them the death penalty just maybe others will stop and think before they do the same thing.

    • Yea what was the shocker here? That they actually caught them? Trump says a lot, but I don’t believe the law for killing, attempted murder on my brothers in blue has been written or passed at the time of their trial. I guess it was all the police presence in the court was supposed to give them a heart attack upon entry?!!!

  1. Totally agree if your going to shoot and try and kill our MEN AND WOMEN IN BLUE,THEN YOU DESERVE THE DEATH PENALTY. !!!!

  2. So what was the big surprise a courtroom full of police officers that’s great but what we’re their sentences. I hope they got life without parole at the least.

  3. You kill a police officer or police dog……NO EXCUSES…. you die and you go into express lane for death.

  4. Whether or not a person is considered as a cop there should be no 🔫 violence spreading throughout this country but the reason it’s happening is because 1.guns are being sold throughout this country and 2. People who own a 🔫 have nothing better to do in life but to just go out there and take advantage of other people’s lives by shooting and killing them and they intend to think to themselves problem solved the problem will never be solved if the criminals themselves don’t get shot to death and see what it feels like to be killed in life and maybe that will send a straight and clear message out to everyone and that is to rethink about it before you do it and that if you want to take away someone’s life take your own life away but if you’re not man enough or woman enough to just do so than stop thinking in the wrong direction get rid of your hatrednized violent crime murder commitment killing feeling this is the United States of America people this country is supposed to be about peace not violence if you really want to be that violent in your life then move out of this country perminantly forever and never be allowed back into this country for the rest of your life take your violent behavior somewhere else starting right now

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