Marine’s Father Fpund This Note On His Car – Couldn’t Believe What It Said (Photos)

Marine’s Father Fpund This Note On His Car – Couldn’t Believe What It Said (Photos)

A Florida father was in disbelief when he found a hateful note on his car directed toward him and his son while in a store parking lot.

Lewis Alexander and his wife, Tami, both have stickers on their cars to show support for their son, who is currently serving overseas as a U.S. Marine.


“He wanted to make a difference in the world, and this was his choice,” Tami told WOFL.

Lewis has a sticker on his car that says: “Proud parent of a U.S. Marine.”

One day, after returning to his car in the parking lot of a store, Lewis found a disturbing note on his windshield.

“F**k you and your son,” the note read, says Newsiosity. “I hope he dies.”


“I got back in my car, and I was about to put it in reverse, and then I looked at the note again and it really hit me that, ‘Wow, this person is evil!'” Alexander said.

The father was so upset by the note that he was brought to tears. He decided to report the incident to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

“My son’s serving to protect that person’s right to do that, and it really hit me, so I called the sheriff’s department,” Lewis said. “I was crying.”

The sheriff’s office said that no crime was technically committed, so they were unable to do anything about the incident. However, a photo of the note was shared on the department’s Facebook page to condemn the message and to show their support for the troops and their families.

“Our families are veteran families, too,” the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office’s post read. “We can’t put a note on every windshield, but we can say it here: We respect you, we support you, and we’re here for you at home.”

Lewis has a message for the hateful person who left a note on his car: “If I could leave a note on his car it would probably say ‘God Bless You,'” the father said.

Sources: WOFL, Newsiosity / Photo credit: WOFL via WFLD

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