Man Who Brutally Murdered Young Girl Was Executed Last Night. Here Were His 5 Final Words.

Man Who Brutally Murdered Young Girl Was Executed Last Night. Here Were His 5 Final Words.

An Arkansas death row inmate expressed remorse in his final words as his victim’s daughter watched the execution.

Kenneth Williams, 38, was serving a life sentence for the 1998 murder of Dominique Hurd, CNN reported. His charges were upgraded to capital murder after he escaped from prison and killed Cecil Boren.

Death Row Inmate Shows Remorse During Final Words

Death Row Inmate Shows Remorse During Final Words

Williams was executed by lethal injection on April 27. Boren’s daughter, Jodie Efird, watched the the execution from the death chamber. She said that while the sentence did not bring closure, it did help a little.

“Every time we drive down this road, he’s not here anymore,” Efird said of Williams.

For his final words, Williams appeared remorseful.

“I was more than wrong,” Williams said, according to CNN. “The crime I perpetrated against you all was senseless.”

Williams died at 11:05 p.m. local time. He was executed at the same prison he escaped from and was the last of eight inmates originally scheduled to be executed in the month of April.

The execution also took place just before the expiration of the state’s supply of sedatives used in lethal injections. Arkansas is struggling to obtain lethal injection drugs as many suppliers do not want their products used in executions.

Williams and several other inmates on death row originally fought their death sentences on the grounds that midazolam – the sedative used to render inmates unconscious – does not prevent a painful death. The Arkansas Supreme Court denied that claim.

Donna Terrell, who also witnessed the execution, said Williams’ chest began going up and down rapidly once the midazolam was injected. She said it continued for about four minutes, until it appeared that Williams stopped breathing, or it was not noticeable anymore.

Terrell added that witnesses could hear loud breathing despite Williams’ mic being turned off. She said there was no expression on Williams’ face, and it did not appear as if he was in pain.

Other media witnesses reported seeing “coughing, convulsing, lurching, jerking” for a 10 to 20 second time period during Williams’ execution, NBC reported.

Williams’ attorney Shawn Nolan is now calling for an investigation into the execution. He called the descriptions “horrifying.”

“This is very disturbing, but not at all surprising, given the history of the risky sedative midazolam, which has been used in many botched executions,” Nolan told NBC. “What’s important right now is that all the information about tonight’s execution must be meticulously documented and preserved so that we can discover exactly what happened in that execution chamber.”

Arkansas’ string of executions have sparked backlash throughout the country.

“While the rest of the country and the world moves away from the death penalty, Arkansas has shown just how committed it is to running in the wrong direction,” James Clark, a senior campaigner at Amnesty International USA, told CNN. “While it is too late for Kenneth Williams, Jack Jones, Marcel Williams, and Ledell Lee, it is not too late to commute the sentences of all of those remaining on death row.

Sources: CNN, NBC / Photo Credit: CNN via Erie News Now

42 thoughts on “Man Who Brutally Murdered Young Girl Was Executed Last Night. Here Were His 5 Final Words.

  1. We should have capital punishment in all 50 states get rid of these bastards and save the tax payers money on feeding and houseing them.

  2. James Clark. This criminal sealed his own fate. Shall we tax-payers feed & house him for eternity? He now faces the Supreme Judge.

  3. They didnt give their victims a chouce of life or death and didnt do it painlessly why should they be treated better. Saying oh im sorry i shouldnt have done it doesnt change what they did. Maybe killers should be put to death in the same manner their victims were. Would make future murders stop and think i bet.

      • John Doe, you are upsetting a lot of people.You are obviously one of those “do gooders” who don’t know what they are talking about! Anyone who takes a life deserves to die! I bet their victims didn’t get a painless death, so why should they? A bit of pain in their last few minutes shows them what they put their victims through.The more pain the better!

  4. Who gives a rats fat ass if a murderer died in pain? They WILLINGLY inflicted pain and suffering on their victims, the families and their friends. All murderers deserve to die slowly and in agony as soon as possible after sentencing. And while they wait, no luxury or pleasures allowed. Just work and sleep


  6. “I was more than wrong,” Williams said, according to CNN. “The crime I perpetrated against you all was senseless.”
    The author of this story should take a math class. Aside from that, justice was served finally.

  7. who gives a s–t if he died with pain,so did his victims, and their families are still and always will be feeling pain for the rest of their lives,I say keep frying them and make them feel every ounce of pain,they knew what they were doing and seen the pain in their victims eyes,did they give a s–t noooooo.Why not go and see the pain these families are going thru and then maybe just maybe you will stop caring what they go thru sitting on death row.

  8. I am in favor of Capitol punishment. My comment is more directed to John Doe. Why use John Doe dont you want people to know who you really are. Just another coward living behind your burka.

  9. I SO agree with the firing squad or just one who shoots ONE bullet. If they have committed a crime deserving of the death penalty they don’t deserve any better or More costly than one or a few bullets. One sharp shoot will take care of it accurately in a second !!!!!

  10. He didn’t have empathy why he killed 2, he didn’t worry about their suffering or the grief he caused their families. Who cares that he died, or how. God will punish him!

  11. Obviously John Doe has not been a victim himself or has never lost a loved one during a vicious crime. He might feel differently. But I would never wish that on anyone. I say off with there heads literally cut their heads off.

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