Man Sends Pics Of His Genitals To Woman He’s Never Met, Quickly Finds Out Why That’s A Bad Idea

Man Sends Pics Of His Genitals To Woman He’s Never Met, Quickly Finds Out Why That’s A Bad Idea

A woman received explicit photos on Snapchat from a man who was looking for sex, so she decided to fool him by pretending that her home address was Buckingham Palace.

According to the Daily Mail, Tara Natasha, 26, from Cardiff, Wales, opened a Snapchat message at around 1 a.m. and was shocked to see that a stranger had sent a photo of his genitals. He then asked her for sex and asked if she would want to meet up.

Woman Pranks Man After Receiving Crude Messages (Photos)

Woman Pranks Man After Receiving Crude Messages (Photos)

Feeling annoyed by the man’s forward attempt at picking her up, Tara decided to have some fun with him.

In response to the man’s request for her address to come meet her, Tara provided him with the address to Buckingham Palace – and he actually went.

Natasha says that the Snapchat user drove 40 minutes to come see, only to be disappointed when he saw where he ended up.

“It was 1 am when I got a random add on my Snapchat,” Tara told the Daily Mail. “The guy immediately sent me two photos of him naked and one of his face. I completely ignored it at first, but half an hour later he sent me a crude message.”

Tara decided to have some fun with the rude stranger rather than ignoring the message as usual.

“I thought it’d be funny to reply back saying ‘fab’ sarcastically,” she said. “Not realizing I was being sarcastic, he then asked if I would be up for it and I replied ‘of course’, again being sarcastic.”

The man asked Tara when she would want to meet when he sent the nude photo, to which she responded, “Now?”

He replied, asking where she lives and if she lives alone. She responded, “I live with my friend she’ll be joining us.”

“Are u for real yh? Send me some pics of you girl,” he replied. “I’m def up for that tho”


The man then drove roughly 20 minutes to the address Tara sent, which happened to be Buckingham Palace. When he arrived, he sent her a photo of the front gates of Buckingham Palace, with the caption, “I’m outside these gates.”

“It was so funny I couldn’t cope,” Tara said. “When he was approaching Buckingham Palace, he still didn’t click. I then sent him a funny photo of the queen smiling and he still didn’t understand he’d been pranked.”

According to The Sun, the man told Tara that when he arrived, he was greeted and told to leave by “officers with guns.” He was not pleased.


“He then realized and he just went mad, he did not appreciate it at all,” Tara said. “He told he had drove 40 minutes from outside of London and had spent so much money on petrol. He then started sending me abusive messages. He started threatening me and told me he would come find me.”

Eventually, Tara ended up blocking the man.

“I didn’t think he would actually go, I thought he would just google it immediately and realize the joke,” Tara said of the incident. “It bewilders me as to why men think women are so easy.”


The next day, Tara uploaded screenshots to Facebook, where it was shared more than 10,000 times. She says that pranking the stranger was her way of standing up for women who are victims of online sexual harassment.

“I am so sick of men seeing women as objects, and although this was a bit of fun – I was highlighting the very concerning factor of online harassment in society today,” she said. “It is not okay for men to send women disgusting, naked photos of themselves.”

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Caters News Agency via Daily Mail

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