Man Murders State Trooper, Here Is What The Media Is Hiding

Man Murders State Trooper, Here Is What The Media Is Hiding

A dark secret was revealed about a Muslim man who murdered a Delaware state trooper – as revealed by a state politician.

Less than a day after Borgon Sealy, Jr. barricaded himself inside of a home in Middletown, Delaware, the man was shot dead by police after an intense standoff. Previously, Sealy killed Cpl. Stephen Ballard – an 8-year veteran with the State Police – in a gas station parking lot just 15 miles from the home where the standoff took place.

Secret Revealed About Muslim Who Murdered Cop

Secret Revealed About Muslim Who Murdered Cop

Ballard was reportedly checking Sealy’s vehicle in the parking lot when he started shooting at the officer. Ballard ran for cover, but Sealy continued to shoot. When the officer fell to the ground, Sealy shot him at close range.

“The acts of Stephen yesterday exemplified the dedication that he brought to the citizens of Delaware on a daily basis,” State Police Col. Nathaniel McQueen Jr. said, Delaware News-Journal reported.

In an interview with Delaware 105.9, State Representative Steve Smyk revealed that not only was Sealy a practicing Muslim, he yelled Quran verses during the standoff and was believed to have been a jihadist.

“What I can tell you is that there are people that will immediately assume that the war cry of, the Muslim war cry of ‘Allahu Akbar’ may have been said, and I don’t know that to be true. I do know that he was a ‘budding jihadist’ and that being said, how long was he a practicing Muslim, I’m not aware of,” Smyk said. “We do know that, at the scene, during this standoff he was heard citing quotes from the Quran, what those quotes were I don’t know.”

Many readers expressed outrage over the trooper’s murder.


“God bless the souls of State Trooper Stephen J. Ballard and may he rest in Gods’ loving arm’s gloriously happy and at peace forever. The media may hide this information but a higher power knows the truth and will serve justice to those who deserve it,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

” Islam proves itself to be a satanic cult that promotes rape, pedophilia, genital mutilation, abuse, destruction and murder for male entertainment. This is NOT a ‘religion’. Their barbaric practices are harmful to civilized society,” another wrote.

“Yea.. im pretty sure he shot the cop because he was a drug dealer and delaware has cracked down on dope dealers giving out large prison sentences to them ( and yea i seen it the wawa is right across the road from me ) the cop watched him get out of his car and get in another car then the cop approached the car he got out of the passenger seat and started firing I think the fact he was going to go to jail for a few years play more of a part in it than his religion,” another added.

Sources: Delaware 105.9, Delaware News-Journal, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Maina Kiai/Wikimedia Commons, Delaware News-Journal

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  1. How very, very sad. And the officer looks so dignified in his uniform. An 8 yr veteran shot by a creep who might or might not be a jihadist! My sympathies go out to Officer Ballard’s family. And I pray for them. If the truth be known, the killer has probably been on the FBI watch list for quite a while. How many times has this happened before?

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