Man Ignores Bump On Arm, Then Gets Shocking News (Photos)

Man Ignores Bump On Arm, Then Gets Shocking News (Photos)

A man says that his wife’s persistent demands that he had a bump on his arm checked out by a doctor ended up saving his life.

Brian Walker, 43, had a bump on his arm that he continuously ignored and dismissed as a bug bite. However, it turned out to be much more serious.

Man Ignores Bump On Arm, Then Gets Shocking News (Photos)

Man Ignores Bump On Arm, Then Gets Shocking News (Photos)

Walker’s wife, Helen, 44, repeatedly nagged him to have the lump looked at, which eventually ended up saving his life.

According to the Daily Mail, when Walker finally went to a doctor, testing revealed that the lump was in fact an inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor (IMT). There are only five reported cases of IMT worldwide.

Walker was quickly sent in for surgery to have the tumor removed. While operating, doctors discovered that the mass had spread so much that it nearly enveloped his entire forearm.

The tumor, as well as some surrounding muscle and skin, was removed from Walker’s arm, leaving him with a gaping wound that was then filled back up with tissue that was previously cut away.

Now, after months of recovering from the procedure, Walker is doing well and is back to work. He credits his wife with saving his life by insisting that he have the growth looked at.

“Brian was suffering from an aggressive and malignant caner, but he put it down to a bite,” Helen told The Sun. “I’m very pleased I got him to go to the doctor. He could have lost his arm if he hadn’t been treated. The point is you can’t just regard a lump as nothing. It should be checked out.”

“Some people complain if their wife nags them but going to that appointment had a big impact on my life,” Brian said. “I’m your typical truck driver, so just get on with things, but I don’t know where I’d be now if I hadn’t gone.”

Walker first noticed the spot on his arm in January 2015, but ignored it for some time. After about eight months, the tumor had grown and Helen told him he should have it checked out. He continued to ignore it, however, so Helen booked him an appointment herself.


“At the time, I thought ‘the lump is not hurting me,’ so I just left it,” Walker said.

Walker says that the support he received from the medical staff at Freeman Hospital and Royal Vitoria Hospital was invaluable for his recovery.

“We all know the impact cancer can have, and when you’re going through what we’ve just gone through,” he said. “It’s great to have somewhere like that where they understand.

It’s not just the support. They give you practical help and advice with things like filling in forms. It doesn’t matter what kind of cancer you have. If it wasn’t for that centre, people would have nowhere else to go. They’d have to sit in a cafe.”


Walker is urging others who have unusual growths to see their doctor as soon as possible.

“I now know that if you find a lump, you need to get it checked out,” he said.

Sources: Daily Mail, The Sun / Photo Credit: Sasint/Pixabay

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