Man Criticizes Immigrant’s Deportation, Overlooks One Very Important Thing

Man Criticizes Immigrant’s Deportation, Overlooks One Very Important Thing

A video that went viral showed two illegal immigrants being arrested for deportation, but the person filming the clip didn’t share one huge detail about the men in question.

Robert Espino took to Facebook live to film the incident, which involved the Desoto, Texas, Police Department arresting his brother and brother-in-law. This is for you all motherf*ckers that voted for Trump,” Espino said while filming the arrest of his brother, Eduardo Diaz-Escobedo, and brother-in-law, Marin Lanarez Marquez. “Breaking up families and sh*t. DeSoto’s fu*king finest, ain’t got sh*t better to do. F*cking with families don’t catch real f*cking criminals.”

Man Criticizes Immigrant's Deportation, Overlooks One Thing

Man Criticizes Immigrant’s Deportation, Overlooks One Thing

Espino also filmed a 9-year-old girl crying, then asked if Trump supporters were happy with the choice they made, BizPac Review reported.

What Espino failed to mention in his video, however, was that both his brother and his brother-in-law had serious prior criminal history – including the sexual assault of a child. The DeSoto Police Department issued a statement on Facebook clarifying the events that took place.

DIAZ-Escobedo, Eduardo

On March 21, 2017, ICE officers arrested Eduardo Diaz Escobedo, 35, from Mexico, without incident at his residence in Desoto, Texas, for immigration violations. On Feb. 29, 2000, a Denton County (Texas) Criminal Court convicted Diaz Escobedo of Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child for which he received a sentence of eight years deferred adjudication. On March 22, 2017, ICE officers determined that Diaz Escobedo had an outstanding arrest warrant for a probation violation related to this conviction. Consequently, Diaz Escobedo was transferred to the Denton County Jail. ICE placed an immigration detainer on him so that he will be transferred to ICE custody following disposition of his criminal charges

MARQUEZ Linares, Marin
On March 21, 2017, officers with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) arrested Marin Marquez Linares, 29, from Mexico, without incident while departing his residence in Desoto, Texas, on immigration violations. Marquez Linares was deported Dec. 16, 2007. He illegally re-entered the United States sometime after being deported, which is a felony. Marquez Linares is currently in ICE custody pending his removal to Mexico.

DeSoto PD was not present during the arrest of Marin Marquez.

The shocking story quickly went viral, with many shaming Espino for failing to mention the criminal history.

“Just forgot to mention that he was a child rapist? Yeah right. We are not the ones breaking up families. That is their choice to come here illegally and breaking the law. If they have kids here then that is on them, not us. So tired of these liberals protecting these law breakers that live off our hard earned dollars. While most of us are barely making it they get it all handed to them for nothing. This needs to stop,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“We need to make it so that just because you come over our border and give birth, doesn’t automatically make the baby a U.S. Citizen. The baby should be required to have at least one parent who is already a legal citizen. That law would stop all of this nonsense,” another added.

Sources: BizPac Review, DeSoto Police Department/Facebook, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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