Man Beats 3 White Women For Being Racist, Pays The Price

Man Beats 3 White Women For Being Racist, Pays The Price

A Muslim refugee brutally beat three white women in Sweden and expected to get away with it, until the judge heard his explanation for the crime and decided to make him pay the price.

In September of 2016, the Iraqi refugee targeted three random white women and beat them brutally before stealing their belongings.

The man was arrested by local authorities and charged with several crimes including murder and theft. The 39-year-old told the judge that his crimes were justified because the women were “racist” towards migrants and Muslims.

Refugee Beats Three White Women, Pays The Price

Refugee Beats Three White Women, Pays The Price

The judge ultimately dismissed the claims and sentenced the man to eight-and-a-half years in prison as well as deportation, Swedish outlet Fria Tider reported, according to Mad World News.

“What!! there are actually real judges with their heads Not up those so called refugees asses ? Wow !! Impressive that judge actually did the right thing for Real Swedish People,” one Mad World News reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“Sweden and Denmark are seeing more and more of these types of crime.. If things do not change these crimes will be playing in a theater near you. Of course France and Germany are seeing the same thing,” another wrote.

“Put him in prison in general population and deport his family and friends..yeah I know guilt by association but one bad apple in this bunch may mean the whole bunch is rotten,” another added.

In a similar incident, a German soldier was arrested on suspicion of planning an attack after posing as a Syrian refugee.

The 28-year-old lieutenant was charged with preparing an act of violence. A 24-year-old student from the soldier’s hometown was also arrested in connection to the plot.

“We know from various voice recordings that both had anti-foreigner views,” prosecutor spokeswoman Nadja Niesen told the Associated Press, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The man reportedly registered as a Syrian refugee in the state of Hesse and had been living in a home for asylum seekers. The man was reportedly orchestrating an attack to blame on foreigners, prosecutors theorized. Despite prosecutors’ claims, Niesen said that no evidence has yet been found to support the theory.

Sixteen buildings in Germany, Austria and France were searched in connection with the investigation, and several telephones and electronic devices were seized.

“It sounds more than strange. I think we have to await more from the investigation to find out more about his motivation.”

Niesen added that the case was an “unusual” story.

Sources: Fria Tider via Mad World News, Mad World News/Facebook / Photo credit: Pixabay

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