Lady Gaga’s Twitter Attack On Melania Trump Lands Her In Handcuffs When The Two Meet Face To Face

Lady Gaga’s Twitter Attack On Melania Trump Lands Her In Handcuffs When The Two Meet Face To Face

After Melania Trump’s brilliant speech about cyberbullying went viral, leftist elites immediately began attacking her. It seems they consider her husband, the next President of the United States, to be a cyber bully himself because he likes to tell the truth on Twitter.


One of those leftists, Lady Gaga, Tweeted an insult at Mrs. Trump that probably deserved some kind of snarky, rude response, but the future First Lady has far too much class for that. She proved it yet again Sunday night when the two came face to face in New York City. Gaga, or GooGoo as she should be called, proved yet again that she has no class, shouting “whore” and “go back to YOUR country” at Melania from across a sidewalk being cleared by the Secret Service.

Mrs. Trump, class act that she is, simply smiled at the overrated pop star, which seemed to enrage the little ball of hate even more. Witnesses say that they saw GooGoo throw something at Mrs. Trump, which is where the Secret Service stepped in.

The New York Post tried to reach out to the NYPD after it was reported that GooGoo was taken away in a black Yukon in handcuffs, but as of yet there’s no record of an arrest. You can rest assured if this incident isn’t prosecuted by the corrupt liberals in the city government that the less-than-lady will be staring down the barrel of a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

11 thoughts on “Lady Gaga’s Twitter Attack On Melania Trump Lands Her In Handcuffs When The Two Meet Face To Face

  1. I don’t understand why some people feel they can be abusive and cruel to people that think differently. Or that rioting and destroying property will change minds.

  2. Goo Goo thinks she is the shit there are a plenty of people that hated that ignorent person before Trump and even more now. She only shows her ignorance and ugly style. Put her in jail with some real people she will shut up that rotten mouth that is if she really is a female. It’s all about publicity.

  3. I thought this was a free country and we could say what we wanted as long as we do not threaten people or put your hands on them? So GGa did not put her hands on her she was too far away and she did not threaten her life or her family’s life? So what is the crime? Just because she is married to trump in name –that means it’s different for them because they are rich people? I know I have seen much worse and no one went to jail or handcuffed.

    • You are truly an idiot, reading is also a skill. The article states that GooGoo threw something at the first lady. That sir is an assault. The other point is that you liberal assclowns have no class, morals or values. Do you seriously believe in that little worthless libtard mind of yours that all of America liked Obummer? No all of America did NOT, but the class showed of those that did not. He was the president and was respected as such. No rallies, no protests, no creating social tension. We lived with Oblunder for 8 years and tolerated all the libtard actions while respecting the presidency and our system.
      Every action libtards commit, every word libtards mutter, every callous assault on our system, our government and president and every immoral stupid action just proves more and more that libtards are selfish, brain dead and don’t view the big picture and envision the consequences of what they want. Free everything for free loaders, who pays? Allow illegals to remain, who pays for their health care, their childs education, their benefits????? Not them, they don’t have a social security number or pay taxes. Oh wait, maybe and ILLEGALLY gotten SS number. Yeah, that’s not against the law.
      WE PAY you dumbasses.
      So I ask all you young life inexperienced liberals, follywood elitists and social upheaving morons, what is it that you don’t like about upholding the laws of the land? What is it that you don’t like about the Trump bans, oh which by the way are the same bans Oblunder had but no one said boo about those.
      If all the libtards in America feel so strongly about illegals and refugees, open your doors and your wallets to them. I’m sure there’s enough households to accommodate all. Once that is done and I see all you holier than thou assclowns actually practice what you preach, then MAYBE I will be a little more willing to listen to classless mindless opinions from the left.

    • You Moron! Did you not read the part about throwing something at Her? Do you really think that it’s okay to throw something at the First Lady? Would you have been okay with a Republican throwing something at Moochelle Obama? Fuck no! You would be crying in your Post Toasting screaming Foul! People like you are what’s wrong with this country right now. Go find a safe space with all of your liberal mental midgets.

    • She threw something at the First Lady. What? We don’t know but that type of activity is not tolerated by the Secret Service.

    • she threw something at FLOTUS Trump, so she got what she deserves and if It were me I would sue her craziness. and then have people boycott her everywhere. long arms of Justice.

    • Did you read the article or were you just assuming all she did was yell at her like a dumb lunatic,
      googoo threw something at her which is consider an act of violence by using an object to potentially harm someone that anyone in their right mind knows that is a no no especially to the president or to the first family or anybody for that matter you must be a typical first class liberal with blinders on.

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