Kindergarten Teacher Arrested After 5-Year-Old Tells Mom What Was Happening In Class

Kindergarten Teacher Arrested After 5-Year-Old Tells Mom What Was Happening In Class

A Texas kindergarten teacher has been arrested following accusations he had touched a 5-year-old female student’s genitals on several occasions.

David Salisbury, 60, was a kindergarten teacher at Berry Elementary School in north Houston when he reportedly molested one of his students.


Court documents allege he fondled the 5-year-old, putting his hands down her pants, while the other students were distracted by a movie.

The molestation occurred in the “library,” behind Salisbury’s desk, a corner of the classroom where other children could not have seen Salisbury abusing the victim, according to KTRK.

Behind the teacher’s desk were dolls, books and pillows.

The child later told her mother about the incident on Sept. 20, which led to a police report.


“When they got home, she took her daughter into a room and asked her to explain what happened,” according to the criminal complaint filed against Salisbury.

The parent of another student told KHOU that Salisbury was her daughter’s favorite teacher.

“He was a very patient teacher,” Irma Hernandez said. “He was a very patient teacher with them. He respected the kids and he respected the parents. So I can’t believe it. I just pray to God everything [works] out for him because I can’t believe it.”

Salisbury was charged with indecency with a minor and was later released on bail.

HISD released a statement about the charges against Salisbury:

The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has accepted criminal charges against a kindergarten teacher previously assigned to Berry Elementary School following an HISD Police investigation into reports that he engaged in inappropriate conduct with a student.

The teacher — David Salisbury — was arrested after a criminal warrant was issued Friday.

The allegation was first reported to school officials in September at which time the teacher was removed from the classroom and an internal investigation begun. The administration also notified HISD and CPS of the conduct. Police then presented their findings to the Harris County District Attorney, who accepted criminal charges.

HISD takes situations such as this very seriously, as the safety of students is always the district’s top priority.

Sources: KHOU, KTRK / Photo credit: KHOU

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