Kid Learns A Tough Lesson On Grocery Store Etiquette (Video)

Kid Learns A Tough Lesson On Grocery Store Etiquette (Video)

An obnoxious child at a supermarket was repeatedly ramming his kid-sized shopping cart into a man’s leg. The boy then learned his lesson the hard way (video below).

In the video, the young boy is smashing his cart into a random adult’s leg while he is waiting in line. What’s worse is that the boy’s mother seems completely indifferent to what is happening.

Kid Learns A Tough Lesson On Grocery Store Etiquette (Video)

The man is clearly at his wits’ end and confronts the child’s mother. She half-heartedly says something to her son, but the boy doesn’t listen.

The child then starts using his kiddie cart to ram into the stranger again — this time in the knee. Finally, the man does something shockingly unexpected — and satisfying.

The man reaches into the boy’s cart and takes out a milk carton as the child grins. But instead offering the child a sip, the man dumps the milk on the boy’s head.

The boy looks back and forth at the man and immediately starts crying. The mom picks up her child to comfort him, chastises the man and ultimately storms out of the store without checking out.

The video was posted on YouTube, garnering more than 1.4 million views. Most online comments seem to support the man’s actions, according to AWM.

“You can see the mother tapping the son to keep slamming the shopping carts into the man … dumb b****. he should have poured the milk on her,” wrote one user.

“He should’ve poured milk on both of them,” wrote another.

One user thought the man should have done more to punish the boy, “I thought he was going to lift that cart and smash that little brat with it. But I guess pouring milk on him seems enough.”

“Get some, you f***ing brat,” reads a later comment.

“That little s*** deserved it,” reads another.

Not everyone agrees with what the man did.

“Bad behavior for a child. But as a stranger, you shouldn’t assault a small child in any way. I have had a few experience with seemingly undisciplined young kids but I went after the parent/s,” writes a user.

Sources: AWM, YouTube / Photo credit: AWM

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