Judge Who Wore Anti-Trump ‘P*ssy Hat’ Learns Fate

Judge Who Wore Anti-Trump ‘P*ssy Hat’ Learns Fate

The judge of Travis County, Texas, sparked controversy after she appeared in court wearing a “cat ear” hat associated with the Women’s March on Washington.

Travis County Judge Sarah Eckhart was the subject of both praise and criticism from people across the country after she appeared in court wearing the cap, which has been associated with the women’s march that took place the day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration.

Judge Who Wore Women's March Hat Sparks Controversy

Judge Who Wore Women’s March Hat Sparks Controversy

Some felt as though Eckhart’s statement was inappropriate given her position as a judge, but KVUE confirmed through “multiple county departments” that it was perfectly acceptable to wear the hat in court.

People were not satisfied and remained adamant that she be removed from her job.

“I understand that judges are people but they are supposed to be impartial and nonpolitical in the courtroom! She should be removed, recalled or suspended!” one Newsiosity reader commented on the site’s Facebook page.

“I think I would request to decline serving on the jury as long as the judge wore it because it distracts the jury from the serious nature of the courtroom,” another added. “I would be unable to concentrate on any serious ruling by the judge, thus causing the case to be thrown out for undue influence on the jury by the judge. Because she, apparently, cannot control her views of men or women in the court.”

Others pointed out that Eckhart isn’t a judge in the traditional sense of the word. The county judge position is an elected one, and the elected individual oversees the commissioners court. That person is effectively the head of the county government and county commissioners.

Some people still felt as though she shouldn’t use her position as an elected official to be political.

“She has a right to have her views (opposite of mine) but can’t she just do her job and leave whatever politics outside the door?” one Newsiosity reader commented. “Women fight for the right to be equal, but when they do this makes them look foolish and ridiculous.”

“If I was a man in front of her in court…I would be terrified….and being a self respecting woman I am disgusted. This is NOT what our courts are supposed to be. Fair and impartial? I think not!” another added.

Sources: Newsiosity, Newsiosity/Facebook, KVUE / Photo credit: KVUE

9 thoughts on “Judge Who Wore Anti-Trump ‘P*ssy Hat’ Learns Fate

    • Absolutely yes, these elected officials think that they can do whatever they want and all else be damned, we need to start making examples out of these idiots so others know that it will not be tolerated, hell, I say fire her stupid ass

  1. I would feel she was bias and would ask for a different judge. Someone should look into past cases and see if she has been fair and unbiased. Feeling the need to express political views as a judge while sitting the bench is wrong. If she had worn a white cone hat as the KKK wears I bet she wouldn’t be sitting on her bench! This is no different!

  2. Get her sorry ass off the bench ,this turd don’t belong in a position to judge someone with her kind of attitude

  3. Your article said not one word about what happened to her at all. You might want to readjust your fake headline. I don’t care if she is the judge in animal abuse court. Her political views should not come into the Court House let alone the Court room.

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