Journalists Realize They Were Lied To About Trump’s Whereabouts After Discovery On Instagram (Photo)

Journalists Realize They Were Lied To About Trump’s Whereabouts After Discovery On Instagram (Photo)

Reporters are using Instagram’s geotagging feature to track down President Donald Trump’s whereabouts.

Trump was once again spotted playing golf after the White House Press corps staffers were told he was “having meetings and taking calls” at the Trump National Golf Course in Bedminster, New Jersey, on May 6, CBS News reported.

Trump Found Golfing Again Through Instagram Geotag (Photo)

Trump Found Golfing Again Through Instagram Geotag (Photo)

The discovery was made after an Instagram user uploaded a photo of the president to his account. The photo showed Trump wearing a white golf shirt, black slacks, and a white Make America Great Again hat with a golf club in hand.

The post was geo-tagged to his Bedminster golf course. The caption read, “Seis de Mayo w POTUS,” which means “the 6th of May with the president.”

Los Angeles Times reporter Mike Memoli grabbed a screenshot of the Instagram post and shared it on his Twitter account. It quickly circulated among other White House reporters, who were kept six miles away from the New Jersey golf club.

The original post and account were deleted shortly after, and the White House did not confirm the content of the image. However, screenshots of the post are still circulating throughout social media.

Several social media users expressed their outrage with the president’s golfing habits.

“Yesterday in Bedminster (a few miles too close from my home) another hard working day for the bloated Orange Man as millions worry about losing their healthcare thanks to Lord Vader and the Ryan express,” wrote one user.

“Unfortunately the pic was deleted from IG and he locked his account, buuuut … EVERYONE ELSE ON THE INTERNET HAD ALREADY SAVED IT,” wrote another.

“Those meetings with the caddy must be very important,” quipped another user.

“Wish my job offered those kinds of meetings,” joked another.

Trump has now spent eight weekends at Trump-owned properties in Florida and New Jersey since taking office in January. He has also gone on 18 golf outings since becoming president.

The White House has refused to confirm or comment on Trump’s golf outings. The president once confirmed a golfing trip himself in February by tweeting about his outing with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and professional golfer Ernie Els in West Palm Beach.

Several of Trump’s golfing trips have been discovered on Instagram through photos posted by club members, supporters and passersby. White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer recently defended the president’s golfing habits.

“Just because you go somewhere doesn’t mean you did it,” Spicer said in a press briefing in April.

Sources: CBS, Instagram (2) / Photo credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr, Instagram

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  1. I swear leave him alone. He has done more than any President in this length of time. Shows you how much time the others sat at the White House and twiddled their thumbs! Love my President! 🇺🇸💙❤️

  2. Of course the so called “”reporters” NEVER lie about President Trump, do they? I find it quite amazing that said “reporters” can’t find any actual news to report.

  3. Who cares! He has been making America Great again none stop since he got in office. If wants to play golf Monday-Friday is fine with me. He has done more for this country then Obama in 8 years.😡

  4. Who cares if he golfs, he’s done more in his presidency than O slimbucket did in his 8 miserable years. Only libs care if he golfs, but never said a word about Obama golfing. As for the press, well you people are so far left. You’ll find anything to trash Trump. Get over it He WON, no F$&@ing Russians made us vote for him. Move on, it’s so pathetic.

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