John Lewis’ £7m Christmas ad is Finally Here And it Stars A Boxer Dog

John Lewis’ £7m Christmas ad is Finally Here And it Stars A Boxer Dog

The John Lewis Christmas advert is a big hit with fans who have fallen in love with its star Buster the Boxer and his trampoline antics.
Viewers say they laughed out loud – and cried – during the two-minute commercial released as part of their £7million campaign today.


John Lewis said the advert where Buster, played by five-year-old Biff, beats a young girl to her new toy is their attempt to cheer up Britain after a ‘tough year’ with fans saying they may have ‘saved’ 2016.
One viewer said: ‘John Lewis looked at 2016 and said “They don’t need to be sad anymore, let’s make them smile”,’ while Sarah Holloway wrote: ‘As an emotional John Lewis ad lover, I am very happy they went “2016 has been really s***, let’s have a laugh instead”.’
Another tweeted: “Just the tonic we need-this yrs #JohnLewis ad-foxes/badgers/squirrels/dogs on a trampoline! #LoveIt #Heartwarming.”
But some are unhappy that Bridget’s father builds the trampoline in the garden instead of Santa saying it ‘ruins the magic of Christmas’ and calling it a ‘potential parenting nightmare’.

Meghan Baker tweeted: ‘The John Lewis advert actually made me laugh this year. But so sad that they’re sending out the message to kids that santa isn’t real’.
A store spokesman said: ‘We’re sure Father Christmas has also visited Bridget and Buster the night before, this is just an extra special gift from her parents because she loves to bounce’.

A Boxer called Buster is the star of the £7million campaign and the dog, played by a five-year-old called Biff, steals the show with the help of an acrobatic group of animals including foxes, a badger, a hedgehog and some squirrels.
For days fans have been second-guessing the plot of the two-minute advert after teasers were leaked online, which showed the lovable family dog nodding as he watched a little girl bouncing on a space hopper and on a sofa.


Today it can be revealed that the advert tells the story of a little girl called Bridget who loves to jump.
Set to a cover version of ‘One Day I’ll Fly Away’, her mother and father buy her a trampoline, toiling while she sleeps to build it before hiding it in the garden to surprise her with on Christmas Day. As the snow falls an array of animals start using it as the Boxer watches forlornly through the window.
The next morning Bridget sprints out to use it for the first time but her joy turns to shock as cheeky Buster has the last laugh and uses her new toy before her.
John Lewis told MailOnline it has tried to inject more fun into the commercial because 2016 has proved to be a ‘tough’ year for Britain and it acknowledged that last year’s Man On The Moon was ‘a bit sad’.
This year’s lighter theme involves a dad building a garden trampoline as a showstopper present for his daughter for Christmas.
But after dark on Christmas Eve, as Bridget’s parents sit in front of the TV, Buster watches through the window as a cast of common British animals emerge from the bushes.
First two foxes, then a badger, a squirrel, and finally a hedgehog, they all climb onto the trampoline and jump together.
On Christmas morning Bridget excitedly runs down the stairs and out into the garden to discover her present.
But in a twist Buster bounds past her and starts joyously bouncing on her trampoline as she watches him wide-eyed with her parents behind her looking on in dismay.
Buster is played by five-year-old Biff, whose first job in TV could make him one of Britain’s famous dogs.
Producers told MailOnline that he was impeccably behaved on set and a Boxer double on set was not needed at any point during the filming of the advert in Ealing, west London.
He was chosen because of his kind face – and his ability to nod on command as Bridget, played by a six-year-old child actress called Summer, jumps around.
John Lewis never gives details about the child actors in their adverts, but MailOnline understands she is from London and has starred in other TV adverts.

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