Hunter, 69, is impaled y an elk he just killed

Hunter, 69, is impaled y an elk he just killed

A hunter has been left severely injured after he became impaled by an elk he had just shot when he crashed his ATV and fell onto the animal’s antlers.
Gary Heeter, 69, was hunting in a remote location with a group in Oregon’s Maury Mountains on Saturday when he shot dead the elk.
Mr Heeter had started dragging the elk’s carcass behind his four-wheeler up a steep hill shortly after noon when his vehicle flipped.


The elderly hunter, from Bend, was thrown backwards and landed on the dead elk.
He was impaled in the back by the animal’s antlers.
Members of his hunting party rushed to give him first aid and to stop the flow of blood until a rescue helicopter could arrive, KATU reports.


‘When the deputy arrived at the crash scene he found Heeter was conscious and communicative, but appeared to be going into shock,’ Crook County Sheriff’s Office said.
Mr Heeter was flown to St. Charles Hospital where he remains in a stable condition.
Relatives say no major organs were damaged, only his back muscles. He is expected to make a full recovery.

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