Huge Muscly Kangaroo Flexes His Muscles For 15 Photos

Huge Muscly Kangaroo Flexes His Muscles For 15 Photos

Is this the world’s most ripped roo?
A massive kangaroo has been pictured cutting a menacing figure as it flexes its muscles and it could take the title as Australia’s most buff marsupial.
Photographer William Thomsen has snapped photographs of what he described as a ‘huge’ male kangaroo near Denmark, Western Australia.


Previously, Roger the kangaroo from the Northern Territory was renowned for his muscle-bound six-foot-seven, 90 kilogram frame, but Mr Thomsen’s sighting appears to be giving him a run for his money.
Mr Thomsen, who moved to Australia from the U.S. 16 years ago, said he’d spotted the giant while out with his sister from New York.


‘It was her first time in Australia and she really wanted to see a kangaroo, and so I took her down to Albany and Denmark, and we didn’t see any,’ he told WA Today.
‘Then we got to a bit of bush near Denmark on the last day we had a bit of a kangaroo hunt and there was this big group of them. Nine or ten ran away but this big guy just stood his ground. We were a bit taken aback. He was huge. He stood right up on his haunches and just stared at us.’


Roger, a red kangaroo, hit the headlines in mid-2015 and lived at The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in the Northern Territory – where he was pictured crushing metal buckets.
Researchers found the muscular physiques of male kangaroos were to attract females and compete with male rivals, WA Today reported.
However, more bulky roos had shorter lifespans than leaner ones.
Natalie Warburton from the Murdoch University said: ‘Under conditions of extreme environmental stress, there is evidence that male mortality is greater, suggesting that maintaining this additional musculature incurs a significant cost’.
Unfortunately, Roger is now aging, suffers arthritis and is starting to lose his sight.

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